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BOLETIM DARC – 10/04/2024

Por Claudio PY2KP


Edição: 2401       Data: 10/04/2024      [ Atualizado todas as quartas feiras ]


     Don, K6ZO, and Bill, KC4D, continue to operate as 7Q6M and 7Q7WW
     respectively until May. For QSL information see

     Alex, IT9HRK, has returned to Mogadishu and plans to sign T5/IT9HRK
     on 80-10m (mainly SSB, some CW, RTTY, FT4/8)during his spare time.
     He will stay for several months and hopes to receive a local
     callsign. No QSL route is known so far.

     Roberto "Bob", PB5X, operates holiday-style as ZS6/PB5X between the
     12th and 21st. QSL via PA1AW (d/B), LoTW.


CW:  28040 24920 21040 18098 14040 10114 7030 3530 kHz
SSB: 28560 28460 24950 21260 18128 14260 7055 3760 kHz

AF-027; FH, MAYOTTE ISLAND: Watch out for Marek, FH4VVK, operating
     as TO4VV between April 10 and 14 on HF (SSB, FT8). QSL via FH4VVK
     (d), ClubLog OQRS.

EU-125; OZ, JYLLAND WEST group: Dieter, DF2SD, activates Fano
     Island (DIA NS-002, OZFF-004) on the 13th and 14th as OV9R during
     the IG WW RTTY Contest. See:

NA-006; VE8/VY0, NWT / NUNAVUT (VICTORIA ISLAND) group: "Rikk",
     WE9G, will be active as WE9G/VY0 from the 11th to 16th on 80-10m
     (SSB, FT4/8) with 100W and a G5RV antenna. QSL via LoTW.

OC-040; E6, NIUE ISLAND: Gavin, ZL3GAV, signs E6SP from Niue
     between the 16th and 28th on 15-10m (FT4/8). QSL via LoTW.

OC-114; FO, RAIVAVAE ISLAND: Jeff, K5WE, and Craig, W5CCP, will be
     operating together as TX7W from Raivavae (Austral Isl.) between
     April 16 and 30. QRV on 160-6m (CW, SSB, RTTY, FT4/8). For more
     information see: QSL via ClubLog OQRS or

SA-006; PJ4, BONAIRE ISLAND: "TJ", PE1OJR, puts Bonaire on the air
     from the 13th to 28th as PJ4TB on 40-6m (SSB, FT4/8). QSL via LoTW.


start      - end        DX              DXNL
03.02.     - 16.04.     6W6/ON4AVT      2392
           - 01/24      6Y/AC6XT        2388
           - 05/24      7Q6M            2401*
           - 05/24      7Q7WW           2401*
           - 11/24      8J1RL           2397
06.04.     - 15.04.     8Q7HZ           2400
22.01.     -            A2NEW           2391
09.04.     - 16.04.     A8OK            2400
01/24      - 04/24      C6ABJ           2388
01.03.     - 27.04.     DA0RC           2396
01.01.     - 31.05.     DB100FK         2385
01.01.     - 31.05.     DC100FK         2385
01.01.     - 31.05.     DD100FK         2385
01.01.     - 31.05.     DF100FK         2385
01.01.     - 31.05.     DL100FK         2385
01.09.23   - 30.06.     DL75BRD         2371
1.01.      - 31.05.     DM100FK         2385
01.01.     - 31.05.     DM100MW         2385
01.03.     - 31.03.     DM88YLF         2396
01.03.     - 20.04.     DP75AFUG        2396
1.01.      - 31.05.     DQ100FK         2385
01.01.     - 31.05.     DR100FK         2385
01.01.     - 31.05.     DR100PE         2385
22.03.     - 25.03.     E28AM/p         2398
07.04.     - 13.04.     E51TLM          2400
16.04.     - 28.04.     E6SP            2401*
           - 30.04.     EM1/UW5EHR      2398
15.10.23   - 15.10.24   EI40FOTA        2375
10.01.     -            EK/RX3DPK       2388
           - 06/2024    FH4VVK          2357
21.02.24   - 06.03.24   FS/KC9EE        2380
10.02.     - 29.04.     H44MS           2391
06.04.     - 13.04.     HB0/OH2YL       2400
20.03.     - 29.04.     HD8MD           2398
20.03.     - 29.04.     HD8MM           2398
27.03.     - 30.04.     HI180RD         2396
10.09.     - 15.05.24   HK3JCL          2377
28.01.     -            J52EC           2392
15.01.     - 15.04.     JD1/JG8NQJ      2388
01.03.     - 30.04.     LZ543BN         2390
01.05.     - 30.06.     LZ44IZ          2390
01.07.     - 31.08.     LZ302IT         2390
01.11.     - 31.12.     LZ311PA         2390
01.01.     - 31.12.     OE100RADIO      2386
01.01.     - 30.06.     OE24BI          2386
01.04.     - 30.04.     OL1WARD         2399
01.01.     - 31.12.     OR100LGE        2388
13.04.     - 14.04.     OV9R            2401*
13.04.     - 28.04.     PJ4TB           2401*
           - 31/03      RI1ANC          2395
           - 03/25      RI1ANE          2386
01.01.     - 31.12.     SK100FRK        2390
01.01.     - 31.12.     SK50B           2390
           - 31.03.     T5/IT9HRK       2401*
01.04.     - 30.04.     TC3WRD          2400
01.01.     -            TG9AWS          2388
05.04.     - 20.04.     TI2/DL2AAZ      2400
10.04.     - 14.04.     TO4VV           2401*
13.04      - 14.04.     TO60CSG         2400
20.04      - 21.04.     TO60CSG         2400
18.01.     -            TX5S            2389
16.04.     - 30.04.     TX7W            2401*
10.01.     -            TZ4AM           2388
12/22      - 03/23      V31TX           2333
16.11.     - 30.04.     V51WH           2380
10/23      - 10/27      V73ML           2374
           - 02/24      VK0AW           2387
12.23      - 11.24      VK0DS           2386
11.01.     - 11.04.     VP2MDX          2388
09.04.     - 17.04.     VP2MMN          2400
04.04.     - 14.04.     VP6G            2400
11.04.     - 16.04.     VY0/WE9G        2401*
           - 06/24      XW4KV           2384
           - 12/25      YB8QT           2330
           - 30.04.     Z68BB           2398
12.04.     - 21.04.     ZS6/PB5X        2401*

*  = new or updated
.. = and other calls

QSL information:

3A/I1YRL          via    I1YRL        (d)
3B9/HB9FHV/p      via    HB9FHV
3B9AT             via    IV3JVJ       and LoTW
3Z0YL             via    SP9SX
3Z0RVG            via    SP1EG
3Z1K              via    SP1KRF
3Z8GSC            via    SP8GSC
4A7L              via    XE1L         (L)
4K50DHC           via    4K4K         (d)
4K6MAR            via    DC9RI
4L/K6VHF          via    K6VHF,       (L)
4O/DL2JRM         via    DL2JRM
4O/E77DX          via    E73Y
4S7KKG            via    DC0KK,       (L)
4X03I             via    4X6ZM
4X04I             via    4X6ZM
5B4/DL5CW         via    DL5CW,       (L)
5J3L              via    HK3LRB,      (L)
5K6RM             via    HK6RM        (B), (L)
5P1OT             via    SP1OT
5X4E              via    IQ3CO        (B), IZ3ZLG (d)
5X7O              via    DJ6TF
6M23VGC           via    HL4CAF
7O73T             via    UA3DX
7O8AE             via    M0OXO        (O)
7S2A              via    SA2SAA,      (L)
8N3N              via    JA-Bureau,   (L)
8Q7HZ             via    TA1HZ        (L), (e)
8R7X              via    M0OXO        (O)
8Z3FD             via    HZ1SAR       (d)
8Z93ND            via    HZ1SAR       (direct)
9A0DIG            via    9A3SM
A41NN             via    A61BK        (O), (L)
A44A              via    EC6DX,       (L)
A60WAAD           via    EA7FTR       (d)
A60WAAD/0         via    EA7FTR       (d)
A60WAAD/1         via    A61BK        (d), (L), (e)
A60WAAD/2         via    EA7FTR       (d)
A60WAAD/3         via    A61BK        (d), (L), (e)
A60WAAD/4         via    A61BK        (d), (L), (e)
A60WAAD/5         via    EA7FTR       (d)
A60WAAD/6         via    A61BK        (d), (L), (e)
A60WAAD/7         via    A61AY        (d)
A60WAAD/8         via    A65GC        (d)
A60WAAD/09        via    IZ8CLM       (L), (e)
A60WAAD/10        via    A65BR        (d)
A60WAAD/11        via    EA7FTR       (d)
A60WAAD/12        via    A65GD        (d)
A60WAAD/13        via    A65GJ        (d)
A60WAAD/14        via    LZ1YE        (d)
A60WAAD/15        via    EA7FTR       (d)
A60WAAD/16        via    EA5ZD        (B) request
A60WAAD/17        via    A65AA        (d)
A60WAAD/18        via    A65KA        (d)
A60WAAD/19        via    K3YR         (d), (e)
A60WAAD/20        via    EA7FTR       (d)
A65/OE5RTP/P      via    OE5RTP
A65HS             via    9K2HS,       (L)
A8OK              via    OK6DJ        (B), (L), (e)
ATM2024           via    VU2UUU,      (L), (e)
AT2G20            via    VU2UUU,      (L)
AT3K              via    VU2XE        (d), (L)
AT3MOON           via    VU2UUU
AT3SM             via    VU2XE        (B), (L)
AU2HT             via    VU2ZMK       (d)
AU2JCB            via    VU2DSI       (d), (e)
AU2RS             via    M0OXO        (O)
AX37EUDXF         via    SP7WT        (L), (e)
AX3HAG            via    VK3HAG       (L), (e)
AX3JL             via    VK3JL        (B), (L), (e)
AX3JRP            via    VK3JRP
BA7LOK            via    BG7SDV       (d)
C21TS             via    M0OXO        (d), (L)
C37UN             via    C37URA
C6A/DK7PE         via    DK7PE
C91CCY            via    K3IRV
CB0ZEW            via    N2OO         (O), (d)
CB0ZW             via    N2OO         (O), (L)
DA0BCC            via    DL2JRM       (B), (d), (L)
DA0CW/p           via    DF6EX
DA0HQ             via    DL5AXX       (B)
DA0LCC            via    DH4HAN       (B)
DA0TOR            via    DL9WJM,      (L)
DA3T              via    DL8DXL
DB100FK           via    DB100FK      (e), (L), (C), (D)
DB100RDF          via    DO2PZ
DB23SOWG          via    DL2VFR
DC100FK           via    DC100FK      (e), (L), (C), (D)
DD100FK           via    DD100FK      (e), (L), (C), (D)
DD2D              via    DK8ZB,       (L)
DF0FDN            via    DG6SDY
DF0RE             via    DK2YCT       (B)
DF0SX             via    DL1CW,       (L)
DF0WH             via    DL2YDX       (B), (e)
DF100FK           via    DF100FK      (e), (L), (C), (D)
DK0A              via    DH8IAT,      (L)
DK0FY             via    DK8ZB
DK100DDSR         via    DL2BJW       (B)
DK5T/LH           via    DK5ON        (d), (B), (L), (O)
DL/HA8PG          via    HA8PG
DL0E35Y           via    DL5HAS       (B)
DL0EUF            via    DJ8NK        (B)
DL0EW             via    DK9VA
DL0NOT            via    DL1ZAV       (B)
DL0PPC            via    DL6UIP
DL100ANA          via    DH7WW        (L)
DL100FK           via    DL100FK      (e), (L), (C), (D)
DL2024EM          via    DL3EBB       (B)
DL60RRDXA         via    DJ5BWD
DL75BRD           via    DL2VFR       nur (d), Auto QSL, no QSL RX
DM100FK           via    DM100FK      (e), (L), (C), (D)
DM100MW           via    DM100MW      (e), (L), (C), (D)
DM24EHF           via    DL2VFR       (B)
DM88YLF           via    DJ5YL,       (L)
DP75AFUG          via    DL2VFR       (B), (d)
DQ100FK           via    DQ100FK      (e), (L), (C), (D)
DQ100SRC          via    DK8VR
DQ650SG           via    DD3JN        (B)
DR100FK           via    DR100FK      (e), (L), (C), (D)
DR100PE           via    DR100PE      (e), (L), (C), (D)
DR30RRC           via    RZ3EC        (O)
DR5T              via    DK7DR
DR5Z              via    DJ5RE        (L)
DR60WUNDER        via    DL0RL,       (L)
DR7T              via    DF1DN
DU7/PA0HIP        via    PA0HIP
E51TLM            via    K7TLM        (B), (L)
EA6/DK1XAM        via    DK1XAM       (B), (d)
EA7/SM0KAK        via    SM0KAK       (d)
EA8/DL4FO/P       via    DL4FO
EE5FALLAS         via    EA5URV
EF5DGC            via    EA5WP        (d), (L)
EG7SSM            via    EA7DK
FG/F6ASS          via    F6ASS
FJ4WEB            via    K2LIO        (d), (e)
FK8HA             via    K3IRV
FK8HM             via    F5MFV,       (B), (d), (L)
FM/EA1BP          via    EA1BP        (d), (L)
G2E               via    M0ORD,       (L)
G2L               via    G8ATD
GB0RTM            via    G1UGH,       (e)
GX1FCW            via    G1FCW        (e)
H25A              via    LZ3SM
HB0/HB9HOC        via    HB9HOC
HB0/OH2YL         via    OH2YL        (B)
HB9/IW1PRT        via    IW1PRT       (L), (e)
HF0ROSA           via    SP7X         and (e), (L)
HF5WOSP           via    SQ5ABG
HF80LUFT          via    SP3PGX
HG150BP           via    HA5OW        (e)
HI8/VA2VKG        via    VA2VKG       (d)
HV5PUL            via    IW0DJB       (d), (L)
II2C              via    IK2FTB,      (L), (e)
II5IDK            via    IQ5LI
II8ICN            via    IQ8XS
II9IGJ            via    IT9MRM       (d)
IM0/I5JVA         via    IK2WAD       (B), (d)
IO5O              via    IK5RLP       (L)
IY9MM             via    IT9MRM       (d), (L)
J62K              via    K9HZ         (d), (L)
K3S               via    K3LU         (direct)
KP2B              via    EB7DX,       (L)
LU4DJB            via    EC6DX        (d), (L)
LZ74IPA           via    LZ3HI
MP7DX             via    G4DIY        (d), (L)
NE1C              via    KX1X
NL8F              via    N7RO,        (L)
NP4G              via    NP3O         (d), (L)
OT1A              via    ON4CCP,      (L)
OX/OZ1LTQ         via    OZ1LTQ,      (e) only
OZ/DO9MDI         via    DO9MDI       (O), (d), (L)
P3D               via    VE3DZ        (O)
P3X               via    5B4AMM,      (L)
P40AA             via    DL4MM,       (O), (L)
P40L              via    WA3FRP,      (L)
PA6A              via    PI4EDE
PA6D              via    PA3DAT,      (L)
PA6DX             via    PA5DX
PA6ORB            via    PF1SCT
PA6Y              via    PI4RCK,      (L)
PB24BP            via    PA3EFR
PB31EASTER        via    PC1K,        (L)
PB37EUDXF         via    PA1AW
PC100II           via    PA1AW
PD50VOP           via    PD0ARI
PE00T             via    PA2TMS
PF23MAX           via    PF1B
PF37EUDXF         via    PA1AW
PG37EUDXF         via    PA1AW
PH37EUDXF         via    PA2TMS
PI30KAR           via    PI4KAR
PI37EUDXF         via    PA1AW
PI4CG             via    PD2GSP
PI4DX             via    PD1DX,       (L)
PI4COM            via    PA1AW,       (L)
PJ2/DK5ON         via    DK5ON,       (d), (B), (L), (O)
PJ2/ND8L          via    ND8L         (d), (L)
PJ5/DK7PE/P       via    DK7PE
PJ5/SP9FIH        via    SP9FIH       (O), (L)
PJ7PF             via    DM2PF        (O)
PJ7PH             via    DM7HB        (O)
PZ5DX             via    UA2FM        (d), (L)
R8LA              via    RW6HS        (d) only
RI41POL           via    RN3RQ
RL3A              via    W3HNK
SB7S              via    SM7PXS       (L) only
SN80ULMA          via    SP9KKA
SP/DL5DRM/P       via    DL5DRM
SP73VOT           via    SP5PBE,      (L)
SP80ZUM           via    SP3PDO
T44DX             via    RW6HS        (d), (L)
TC3WRD            via    nur          (L)
TI2/DL2AAZ        via    DL2AAZ       (B)
TI8/N7ZG          via    N7ZG         (L)
TO4VV             via    FH4VVK       (d), (L)
TO60CSG           via    (d),         (L)
UN3M              via    M0OXO        (O), (L)
UP1G              via    UN5G         (d)
V26MN             via    DF8AN        (B)
V3O               via    DL8UD,       (L)
V3T               via    WC0W,        (L)
V31XX             via    K4XS         (d)
V31CQ             via    K5PS         (O), (L)
V51WH             via    DK2WH
V55Y              via    DK2WH
VI60IOTA          via    M0OXO        (O)
VJ3A              via    VK3JA,       (L)
VK9DX             via    VK2DX        (d), (L)
VP2ETE            via    W3HNK,       (L)
VP2MMN            via    DF8AN        (B)
VP6G              via    M0OXO        (B-OQRS), (L)
XF3AB             via    EA5GL        (B)
XL3A              via    VE3AT
XP3A              via    PA3249       (d), (L), (e)
XU7AKU            via    JA1DXA,      (L)
XW4DX             via    F4BKV
YB0AR             via    EB7DX        (d), (L)
YQ75MSCC          via    YO2KBQ
YS1/F4IXC         via    F4IXC
Z21NRT            via    EA5GL,       (L)
Z30HQ             via    Z37RSM       (B)
Z36T              via    DJ0LZ        nur (d)
Z66BCC            via    DL2JRM       (B)
Z68BB             via    S53BB
Z68XX             via    DL2JRM       (B)
ZA/OE8NDR         via    DE1QSL       (B)
ZZ4A              via    PX4DX        (d)

(d) = direct   (B) = bureau ok  (L) = LoTW           (O) = OQRS
(C) = ClubLog  (e) = eQSL       (*) = new manager    (Q) = QRZ.COM

Abbreviations in this DXNL:

ARLHS    Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society
DCI      D.C.I. (Diploma Castelli Italia)
DCPC     D.C.P.C. (Diploma Castelli Provincia Cuneo)
DFCF     Diplome des Forts et Chateaux de France
DIFM     Diplome des Iles de la France Metropolitaine
H/c      Homecall
ILLW     International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend
IOCA     Islands Of Croatia Award
IOTA     Islands on the Air
LoTW     Logbook of the World
OQRS     Online QSL Request System
POTA     Parks On The Air
RDA      Russian District's Award Program
RLHA     Russian Lighthouse Award
SNSM     Societe Nationale des Sauveteurs en Mer
URE      Union de Radioaficionados Espanoles
WCA      World Castles Award
WLOTA    World Lighthouse On The Air Award
WRTC     World Radiosport Team Championship
WWFF     World Wide Flora & Fauna

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