The Brazilian Amateur Radio League, LABRE, is the oldest amateur radio association in Brazil. On the occasion of its 90th anniversary, we are pleased to launch the LABRE Contest.

All Brazilian and foreign amateur radio operators, regardless of affiliation, are invited to take part in this annual event, which is scheduled to happen each third weekend of July.

The LABRE Contest aims to foster the interest of the international radio community in contacting Brazilian stations in SSB and CW modes. To this end, audacious rules were developed: the final score is multiplied by the sum of countries and Brazilian States worked in each band of the competition.

Furthermore, self-spotting and segregated scoring by bands, also stand out - this is expected to generate a particular interest in 'all band' categories, leading to crowded bands and increasing the likelihood that everyone will have fun throughout the contest.

We hope that the LABRE Contest will become a landmark in international amateur radio competition.

The Organizing Committee