BOLETIM OPDX – 15/08/2022


2022 ILLW. The International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend (ILLW) will
take place next weekend, August 20-21st. As of August 14th, there is a
total of 340 registered participate that will be active during the weekend.
For a complete list of announced entries: 

4M5, VENAZUELA (Special Event). Members of the Radio Club Venezolano Casa
Regional San Antonio de los Altos will be active with the special callsign
4M5MAG from San Antonio de los Altos Miranda between September 1st and
December 31st, during the International Radio Marathon 2022. Activity
will be on 160/80/40/20/15/10/6 meters using CW, SSB and FT8. QSL via
LoTW, ClubLog or eQSL.

4W, TIMOR LESTE. Satoshi, JH2EUV, is once again active as 4W/JH2EUV from
Timor Leste (Oc-148). Length of activity is unknown at this time. Activity
has been mainly FT8. Watch for him on 40-10 meters. QSL via JH2EUV, by the
Bureau, direct or LoTW.

4X01-4X05, ISRAEL (LH Op). Members of the Israel Amateur Radio Club will
activate 5 lighthouses and participate in the upcoming International
Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend (ILLW), August 20-21st. Look for the following
Lighthouse   Callsign   ILLW#
----------   --------   -----
Jaffa        4X01LH     IL001
Stella Maris 4X02LH     IL002
Ashdod       4X03LH     IL003
Acre         4X04LH     IL004
Tel Aviv     4X05LH     IL005

QSL all callsigns via 4X6ZM. Look for details on how to obtain a special
certificate on or (

5B, CYPRUS. Lord Paul, G0KPH, will be active as 5B/G0KPH from Paphos,
Cyprus, until August 25th. Activity will be holiday style on various HF
bands using CW, SSB and the Digital modes (FT8/FT4). QSL via G0KPH, direct,
by the Bureau, eQSL, ClubLog or LoTW.

A3, TONGA (Update). Masa, JA0RQV, posted the following updates on,
July 30th [edited]: "I will have to temporarily return to JA due to my
family's critical situation in hospital. I will QRT between 3rd August
and 22nd August 2022."

AT3, INDIA (LH Op). Rajesh, VU2EXP, from Rajkot (Gujarat), India, will
activate for the first time the Veraval Lighthouse (ILLW IN0026, ARLHS
WLOL IND 166, WW Loc. ML50ev) between August 19-22nd. He will use the
special callsign AT3VLH. The lighthouse is situated at the south coast
of Gujarat State in India. Activity will be on 40/20/15/10 meters using
CW, SSB and the Digital modes. Rajesh will also be on the FM satellites.
QSL via VU2EXP, direct or by the Bureau. For more details, see

AT75/AU75, INDIA. As mentioned last week, India is celebrating their
75th anniversary of India's Independence. Look for more of the following
stations to be active:
AT75CW ---- Op Rajesh, VU2CW, from Gurgaon (ML88mk); between September
            1st and October 2nd. QSL via VU2CW.
AT75HGT --- Op Jai, VU2YYE, from Secunderabad (MK97gl); August 15th.
            QSL via VU2YYE.
AT75RADIO - Op Rajesh, VU2CW, from Gurgaon (ML88mk); between August
            10-21st. QSL via VU2CW.
AT75RS --- Op Sarath, VU2RS, from Vidyanagar; between August 10-21st.
           QSL via VU2RS.
AU75BGG -- Op Balu, VU2BGG, from Belgaum; until September 12th. QSL
           via VU2BGG.
AU75JRO -- Op Mani, from Hubi; between August 10-21st. QSL via VU2JRO
AU75SMS -- Op Manju, VU2SMS, from Karnataka; between August 10-21st.
           QSL via VU2SMS direct.

CE0Y, EASTER ISLAND. Roberto, CE3CT, is now active as CE0Y/CE3CT from
Easter Island (SA-001) until August 18th. Activity will be holiday style
with a focus on 30/17/12 meters using mainly CW. However, he has been
reported on 40/15 meters and on FT8. QSL via LoTW or direct to: Roberto
Ramirez, Eduardo Cruz Coke 389 office C, Santiago, Chile.

CE3, CHILE (Update/Special Event). To celebrate the day of the Chilean
Radio Amateur on Sunday, August 14th, the following stations will be on
the air: Ricardo/CE3RV, Hugo/CE3BBC, Juan/CE3GKU and Héctor/CE3FZL. All
four operators are from the "Amigos en Radio" Group. A special QSL will
be available for a single contact. Activity will be on 40/20/10m SSB and
40/15/10m FT8. The digital QSL will be sent to all those who send their
QSL info (new) by the end of August 2022 to the E-mail address at: 

GB2, ENGLAND (LH Op). Members of the Humber Fortress DX Amateur Radio
Club (HFDXARC) [] will be activating GB2SL over the
International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend (ILLW), August 20-21st, from
Spurn Point 'High Light' Lighthouse (Spurn Head Peninsula)[ILLW UK0080].
QSL via eQSL only.

HB0, LIECHTENSTEIN. Fred/DL5YM and his XYL Tina/DL5YL will once again be
active as HB0/DL5YM and HB0/DL5YL, respectively, from Masescha (Chalet
Wanni) between September 7-27th. Activity is usually limited because
they will be hiking during the daytime hours. Operations will be on 160-6
meters using mostly CW, with some SSB and RTTY (NO FT8). Look at
for times of operations. Watch for some activity in the CQWW DX RTTY
Contest (September 24-25th). QSL via their home callsigns, direct, by
the DARC Bureau or ClubLog. NO eQSL or LoTW.


The following are IOTA operations that were active this past
week between August 8-13th (as per the DXCluster):

   IOTA      Callsign     Island/GROUP            Bands/Modes
   ------    ----------   -------------           -----------
   AF-004    EA8AAH       CANARY                  17m; FT8
   AF-004    EA8AT        CANARY                  40m; FT8
   AF-004    EG8HKT       CANARY                  20/15m; SSB
   AF-013    5R8LH        MADAGASCAR              15m; FT8
   AF-019    IG9ITO       PELAGIE                 20/15m; SSB
   AF-022    ZD7BG        ST HELENA               17m; CW
   AF-022    ZD7FT        ST HELENA               17/10m; CW/SSB
   AF-057    5R8BM        MADAGASCAR'S COASTAL W  20m; SSB
   AS-004    5B4AIX       Cyprus                  17m; SSB
   AS-007    JA0PI        HONSHU                  40m; SSB
   AS-007    JF1EHM       HONSHU                  17m; SSB
   AS-007    JH3CUL       HONSHU                  15m; FT8
   AS-007    JH3IEG       HONSHU                  15m; FT8
   AS-007    JH3NGD       HONSHU                  20m; SSB
   AS-007    JR7TKG       HONSHU                  17m; SSB
   AS-013    8Q7AG        Maldives                17m; FT8
   AS-015    9M2TO        PINANG STATE            15m; FT8
   AS-019    9V1HY        SINGAPORE               15m; SSB
   AS-049    JL3RNZ/6     Kuchino                 17m; CW
   AS-078    JL8PZO       HOKKAIDO                17m; SSB
   EU-001    SV5AZK       DODECANESE              15m; FT8
   EU-001    SV5BYR       DODECANESE              20m; SSB
   EU-001    SV5RLH       DODECANESE              40m; SSB
   EU-004    EC6FK        BALEARIC                20m; SSB
   EU-005    2M0JST       GREAT BRITAIN           15m; FT8
   EU-005    G0PHP        GREAT BRITAIN           15m; SSB
   EU-005    G2BKZ        GREAT BRITAIN           17m; SSB
   EU-005    G3SFG/p      GREAT BRITAIN           40m; SSB
   EU-005    G8GHD        GREAT BRITAIN           17m; FT8
   EU-005    M0MJA/p      GREAT BRITAIN           40m; FT8
   EU-014    TK/IK1BPL    CORSICA                 40m; CW
   EU-015    SV9RKU       CRETE                   17m; SSB
   EU-015    SW9AA        CRETE                   20m; CW
   EU-018    OY/DL2JRM    FAROE                   20m; CW
   EU-018    OY1CT        FAROE                   20m; CW
   EU-018    OY7EE        FAROE                   40/20m; CW
   EU-018    OY9JD        FAROE                   20m; CW
   EU-023    9H5JO        MALTA                   17m; SSB
   EU-024    II0IGNL      SARDINIA                20m; SSB
   EU-024    IS0/OM2TW    SARDINIA                40m; CW
   EU-024    IS0FDW       SARDINIA                20m; SSB
   EU-024    IS0GQX       SARDINIA                15m; CW
   EU-025    IT9VPT       Sicily                  20m; SSB
   EU-026    JW5E         Spitsbergen             20m; CW
   EU-031    IC8FBU       CAMPANIA REGION         40m; CW
   EU-031    IC8HRG       CAMPANIA REGION         20m; SSB
   EU-041    IM0FFM       MADDALENA               20m; FT8
   EU-067    SV8/SV0XBF   KYKLADES                20m; FT8
   EU-115    EI9JM        IRELAND                 20m; FT8
   EU-115    GI0LDI       IRELAND                 20m; SSB
   EU-115    MI6OLJ       IRELAND                 20m; SSB
   EU-116    MD2C         ISLE OF MAN             20m; CW
   EU-120    G7RES        ENGLISH  COASTAL        10m; FT8
   EU-127    DL3LBP/p     Helgoland               30m; FT8
   EU-131    IK3RIY       VENETO REGION           20m; CW
   EU-131    IK3PQH       VENETO REGION        40/20m; SSB/RTTY/FT8/FT4
   EU-136    9A2YOTA      Krk                     40/20m; SSB
   EU-143    EA7LM        CADIZ/HUELVA  PROVINCE  15m; CW
   EU-163    4O/HA8LLH    MONTENEGRO              30/20m; CW
   EU-169    ZA/HA8QW     Sazan                   20/17m; CW
   EU-175    CU3AK/p      CENTRAL                 20m; CW
   NA-005    VP9IN        BERMUDA                 20m; SSB
   NA-008    VY0ERC       NUNAVUT (ELLESMERE)     20m; CW
   NA-015    CO2WL        CUBA                    17m; SSB
   NA-015    CO6WD        CUBA                    20m; FT8
   NA-022    VP2EIH       ANGUILLA                20m; SSB
   NA-022    VP2EVL       ANGUILLA                20m; SSB
   NA-031    AA1AC        RHODE ISLAND STATE      17m; FT8
   NA-065    K7IOC        WASHINGTON STATE NORTH  20m; FT8
   NA-099    KP4PUA       PUERTO RICO             20m; SSB
   NA-099    WP3TM        PUERTO RICO             17m; SSB
   NA-099    WP4KMB       PUERTO RICO             30m; FT8
   NA-101    J72IMS       DOMINICA                40m; SSB
   NA-104    V4/NT5V      ST KITTS AND NEVIS      12m; FT8
   OC-001    VK2GGC       Australia               40m; SSB
   OC-001    VK2PKT       Australia               20m; FT8
   OC-001    VK2WCP       Australia               40m; FT8
   OC-001    VK7OR        Australia               40m; FT8
   OC-001    VL4R         Australia               40m; SSB
   OC-013    E51BQ        RAROTONGA               10m; FT8
   OC-021    YB0IBM       JAVA                    20m; SSB
   OC-021    YB0JVZ       JAVA                    20m; SSB
   OC-021    YB1ARN       JAVA                    15m; SSB
   OC-021    YB1DNF       JAVA                    20m; SSB
   OC-021    YB1EAO       JAVA                    15m; SSB
   OC-021    YB2MVD       JAVA                    20m; SSB
   OC-021    YC1OSI       JAVA                    15m; FT8
   OC-021    YC2DBW       JAVA                    15m; SSB
   OC-021    YC3DOC       JAVA                    15m; SSB
   OC-022    YB5DDE       BALI                    15m; SSB
   OC-022    YE9BJM       BALI                    15m; SSB
   OC-032    FK8FI        NEW  CALEDONIA          40m; FT8
   OC-032    FK8HM        NEW  CALEDONIA          40m; FT8
   OC-032    FK8HQ        NEW  CALEDONIA          20m; FT8
   OC-034    8G22FBLB     NEW GUINEA              40m; FT8
   OC-036    ZL1WN        NORTH                   20m; SSB
   OC-036    ZL2ABK       NORTH                   20m; SSB
   OC-042    4I1EBD       LUZON                   40m; FT8
   OC-088    9M8DEN       BORNEO                  20m; FT8
   OC-129    VA7CD/DU7    VISAYAN                 20m; FT8
   OC-143    8I77I        SUMATRA                 15m; SSB
   OC-143    8I77N        SUMATRA                 15m; SSB
   OC-143    YB5DDE       SUMATRA                 15m; SSB
   OC-143    YC5AKH       SUMATRA                 15m; SSB
   OC-146    YC8SZG       CELEBES                 40m; FT8
   OC-161    YB6RMT       NIAS AND BATU           15m; FT8
   SA-001    CE0Y/CE3CT   EASTER                  40m; CW
   SA-002    VP8LP        FALKLAND                15m; SSB
   SA-002    VP8TAA       FALKLAND                20/15m; SSB/FT8
   SA-011    9Y4DG        TRINIDAD                30m; FT8
   SA-028    PY2DNR       SAO PAULO STATE EAST    15m; FT8
   SA-068    8R1AK/P      GUYANA                  20m; SSB

  ** Thanks to the individuals who put the island/group and mode
     (which is very important) on their QSNs on their PacketCluster
     reports. The format we suggest is "Mode/IOTA#/Island or Group"
     (ex. CW/SA-036/Aruba).

  EU-012.  Members of Zetland ARC, formerly the Lerwick ARC located on
           the Shetland Islands, will be on HF taking part in the Inter-
           national Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend (ILLW) again from
           Eshaness Lighthouse (UK00058; aka ARLHS SCO-075)) on August
           20-21st, as GB2ELH. This will be the club's 22d annual entry
           in the event. QSL cards direct only please via GB2ELH on
  or by the Bureau. Visit the Zetland ARC Web page at:
           See their Web cam at:

  EU-018.  Operators Col/MM0NDX and Jonathan/MM0OKG will be active as
           OY/MM0NDX and OY/MM0OKG, respectively, from Rituvik (south-
           eastern part of the Faroe islands) between September 1-5th.
           Activity will be on various HF bands and modes using vertical
           antennas next to the Atlantic Ocean. There is an opportunity
           for one or two operators to join them, if interested, contact
           them at: 

  EU-041.  Giuseppe, IK5WWA, will be active as IM0M from La Maddalena
           between September 1-13th. Activity will be on various HF bands
           plus 6 meters (he will not have antennas for 160 and 30 meters).
           He states [edited], "On September 11th, I will participate in
           the I.I.A. Italian Island Award, while on September 6th (on VHF)
           and September 8th (on 6 meters). I will be active for the I.A.C.
           Italian Activity Contest." QSL via his home callsign, by the
           Bureau or direct.

  EU-047.  Chris, DL4FO, will be active as DL4FO/P from Baltrum Island
           (DLFF-0010, POTA DA-0094) between August 16-22nd. Activity
           will be holiday style on various HF bands using mostly CW
           with some SSB and FT8, while operating QRP. QSL via DL4FO.

  EU-067.  For a second year, members of the RAAC/Cyclades DX Club will
           participate in the International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend
           (ILLW), August 20-21st, from the Gaiduronisi Islet Lighthouse
           (ILLW GR0005, ARLHS GRE069) or aka Didymi islet near the Island
           of Syros. They will have a team of 12 operators using the call-
           sign SZ8G. Activity will be on 80-10 meters using CW, SSB and
           FT8 (F/H), with 100 watts and dipoles. Suggested frequencies
           CW  - 3525, 7025, 10118, 14025, 18085, 21025 and 28025 kHz
           SSB - 3690, 7120, 14260, 18130, 21260 and 28490 kHz
           FT8(F/H) - 3580, 7060, 10131, 14098, 18095, 21098 and 28095 kHz
           QSL via LoTW, eQSL or ClubLog (no paper QSL cards).
           ONLINE CLUBLOG: 
           YOUTUBE VIDEO: 
           More details and pictures are available on

  NA-112.  Alex, AK4AM, will once again be active as AK4AM/p from Atlantic
           Beach, Bogue Banks (WW Loc. FM14pq), between September 2-6th.
           Activity will be on 160-6 meters using a Yaesu FT-991A and an
           an Ultimax Antennas DX Extreme 124' End-Fed Halfwave antenna
           about 300' from the ocean waves. See his setup on
           QSL via LoTW.

  IOTA TRIP. Jack, G8DX, will be active sometime in October on a holiday
           style operation to Sardinia Island [IS0/G8DX] (EU-024), Corsica
           Island [TK/G8DX] (EU-014) and Rhodes Island [SV5/G8DX] (EU-001).
           Activity will be on various bands using mostly CW with 100 watts
           and wire antennas. QSL via G8DX direct or LoTW.
           ADDED NOTE: Operators Jack/G8DX and Rich/M5RIC will do a
           "Short DXFC" operation ( from Corsica
           Island [TK/G8DX](EU-014) between November 10-11th.

PLEASE NOTE: Since the Webmasters of the  have
decided NOT to post or dedicate a Web page to announce upcoming IOTA
operations, PLEASE send your IOTA operations information to the OPDX,
and we will post it here in an upcoming bulletin......

IS0, SARDINIA (LH Op). Tony, IK2GAU, will be active as IK2GAU/IS0 from
Budoni, Sardinia Island (EU-024), Italy. Activity will be on various HF
bands. QSL via his home callsign, eQSL or LoTW.

JD1, MINAMI TORISHIMA. QSL Manager Sin, JA8CJY, reports that Take, JG8NQJ,
will once again be active as JG8NQJ/JD1 from Marcus Island, Minami Tori-
shima (OC-073, JCG 10007), starting sometime around September 15th, and
will be there for 3 months. He is usually there to work on the island's
weather station. Activity will be limited to his spare time. Usually he
will be mainly on 17 meters, but may try 40/30 meters and will also be
on 20/15/12/10/6 meters using CW (possibly RTTY), with an Icom IC-706
and 50W. QSL via JA8CJY or by the Bureau via JG8NQJ.

JD1, OGASAWARA ISLANDS. Kou, JP1IHD, will be active using his newly ac-
quired callsign JD1BQP from Chichijima, Ogasawara Islands (AS-031), be-
tween October 26th and November 3rd. Activity will be on various HF bands,
and he will participate in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 29-30th). QSL
via JP1IHD. For updates, watch his Twitter page at: 

JY, JORDAN. Nart, JY5IB, has been very active from Amman over the past
few weeks. Activity has been on 60-12 meters using FT8. QSL via JY5IB
direct only. No IRCs or Bureau QSLs. All QSOs are uploaded to
logbook and LoTW.

LY770, LITHUANIA. Kes, LY1CT, is now active as LY770CT from Klaipeda,
the third largest Lithuanian city in terms of population and area located
in Western Lithuania, until October 14th. Activity is to celebrate the
770th anniversary of the founding of the city of Klaipeda. Activity will
be on 160m-70cm using CW, SSB, FM and the Digital modes. QSL via the
Bureau, eQSL or LoTW.

N7, UNITED STATES (Special Event). Look for Special Event Station (SES)
N7C to be active again between August 10-19th. Activity is the 18th annual
special event station's celebration of the "Navajo Code Talkers", normally
from  Chinle, AZ. Operators "usually" are Ray/W7USA, Bob/K7BHM, John/W5PDW
and Herb/N7HG (who's father was a Code Talker). Activity will be on CW,
SSB and FT8. Suggested frequencies are 7265, 14265 and 18130 kHz. QSL via
N7HG or N7C at the address. A certificate is also available (see for details).

OG0, ALAND ISLAND (Correction to OPDX.1574). Operators Alex/UT5UY/OH5UY,
Pasi/OH2MZB, Jouni/OH2JIU, Niko/OH5CZ, Toni/OH5CY, Jere/OH5ELX and Juha/
OH5CW will be active as OG0C (not OH5CW) from Aland Islands (Rare QRA
KO09) between August 20-27th. Activity will be on 160-2 meters with a
focus on 6 meters and the WARC bands using CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8. QSL
via OH5C.

OPDX MAILING LIST (Just A Reminder). Details on how to subscribe and
unsubscribe from the "OPDX Mailing List" are at the bottom of this
bulletin. PLEASE pass the word around.... Thanks and 73 de Tedd KB8NW

PJ2, CURACAO. Frank, PH2M, will be active as PJ2/PH2M from Curacao between
September 10-25th. Activity will be holiday style on 60-6 meters, including
30/17/12m, using mainly FT8. QSL via PH2M, by the Bureau, direct, ClubLog
or LoTW.


August/15th AN     August/18th HN     August/20th HN
August/16th AN     August/19th HN     August/21st HN
August/17th HN

NORMALITY               GEOMAG       K Values    Alpha
-----------------        ------       --------    ------
AN  - Above Normal       Quiet        K=0-1       0-7
HN  - High Normal        Unsettled    K=2         8-15
LN  - Low Normal         Active       K=3         16-29
BN  - Below Normal       Minor Storm  K=4         30-49
DIS - Disturbed          Major Storm  K=5         50-99
VRY DIS - Very Disturbed Severe Storm K=6-9       100-400

Updated 01/26/2022) Meanwhile, check out the following Web sites
for propagation:
* VOACAP predication Web page at: 
* DX.QSL.NET Propagation page: 
* SolarHam Web page: 
* Radio Propagation/Space Weather/Sunspot Cycle Information at: 
* Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) & National Oceanic and 
  Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): 
* News and Information About The Sun-Earth Environment: 
* Archive of ARRL Propagation Forecasts: 
* Information and tutorials on propagation are at: 
* Graphic propagation tool by DR2W: 
* W4HM Daily HF/MF Radio Wave Propagation Forecast: 
* WM7D's Solar Resource Page: 


3B9FA via 3B8FA          CN23PA via CN8PA       OE/HA5DDX via UR5DDX
3B9GF via 3B8GF          CN23ZG via CN8ZG       OG70AD via OH3AD & (L)
3B9GL via 3B8GL          D4L via IK2NCJ & (L)   OK/SQ5AM via SQ5AM
4K6AG/P via DC9RI        DP1POL via DL1ZBO      ON37IOF via ON7QC
4K7DK via DK1DKE (d/B)   DU3/K3YR via K3YR      OO7Z/P via ON6KZ
4O/HA8LLH via HA8LLH     EA8/ON4EM via ON4EM    OR7G/P via ON7VG
5Z4PA via M0URX          ED2FPA via EA2RCA      OY/DL2JRM via DL2JRM
6Y60EH via 6Y5EH         EG75AM via EG75AM (e)  OY7EE via OZ2I (C/L)
8Q7AG via IZ2DUW         EL2DT via N2OO         OZ/PD5WVE via PD5WVE
9A100QO via 9A9A         EX0DX via HB9DUR       PV2K via EA5GL & (L)
9A1WFF/P via 9A2MF       F/DC8TM/P via DC8TM    R770GU via RW1QN
9A1YOTA via 9A9A         F/DF3TS/P via DF3TS    RN20LH via RZ3EC
9A2YOTA via 9A9A         F/HB9AFI/P via HB9AFI  S79/E76AA via E76AA
9A3YOTA via 9A9A         F/HB9CDH/P via HB9CDH  SB6A via SA6AOA (L)
9A4YOTA via 9A9A         GB1CSR via M0OLT & (e) SM/DD4SS/P via DD4SS
9A73KD via 9A2KD         GB22GE via M0OXO       SV8/SV2FQP via SV2FQP (L/e)
9N1CA via EA5ZD          GB22GM via M0OXO       SW9AA via LZ1PM
9V1ZV via EA5GL          HA/SQ9MDF/P via SQ9MDF SX100MRH via SZ2RWM (d/e)
A60A via EA7FTR & (L)    HB0/DK2KK via DK2KK    TK/F8ARR via F8ARR
A61Q via EA7FTR          HB0/HB9LCW via HB9LCW  TM55TDL via F4IVC
AM230CW via EA2CW        HD1HERO via HD1HERO (L)TM74CHX via F4IRT & (L/e)
AM330HLM via EA3HLM L/e) HF20LVK via SP4LVK     V31XX via K4XS
AP75IN via IK2DUW        HF30PSP via SP9PSJ     V4/NT5V via NT5V
AP75MKB via EB7DX        HZ1CY via A61BK        VP8TAA/P via M0OXO (O/L)
AP75SD via EA5ZD         I6/OT1V via ON8VM &(L) VY0/VE1RUS via VE1RUS
AP75TN via RW6HS (d)     IM0/I2KQE via I2KQE    YB0ECT via W2FB & (L)
AT75IND via VU2NSL       J20EE via F4DXW        YL/DG1HVL via DG1HVL
C91CCY via K3IRV         L20D via LU3DXG        ZA/OE8NDR via DE1QSL
CN23DEM via CN8DEM       LZ258ML via LZ1KCP
CN23NOA via CN8NOA       LZ6T via LZ2ZK

(e) eQSL only  (d) direct only   (B) Bureau only  (*-B) DX's- Bureau
(O) OQRS only  (C) ClubLog only  (L) LoTW only    (N) No QSL needed
(I) No IRC     (P) PayPal        (NB) No Bureau   (n) no printed QSLs
(Q) only (E) E-Mail QSL only (P) Please send no QSL
(BA) Bureau Automatic
(**) QSL automatically via Bureau - do not send QSLs


NEW QSL ROUTE FOR HP3AK. Phil, K4PWS, informs OPDX that he has taken
over as QSL Manager for HP3AK.

NEW QSL ROUTE FOR SU1SK. QSL Manager Bob, N2OO, informs OPDX that he
has taken over as QSL Manager for Said, SU1SK. QSLs are available via
ClubLog. Cards to be ordered. QRX.
YY4AVN and Z32XA


We would like to see more QSL Bureaus (such as AS/US/SA/AF.. etc)
send in their info....

S7, SEYCHELLES. Seid, E76AA, showed up on the air on 15 meters August
9th as S79/E76AA. The length of his stay is unknown. No other details
are available.

S7, SEYCHELLES (Update/Change). Operators XYL Núria/EA3WL and Josep/EA3BT
will be active as S79/EA3WL and S79/EA3BT from the Seychelles (AF-024)
between August 14-23rd. The operators plan to be active from 2 different
islands: La Digue and Mahe. They state, "The operation will be only in
SAT mode (QO-100, RS-44 and others) in holiday style DXpedition. SSB, CW
& FT8. More information to come." QSL via EA3BT or OQRS.

SV5, DODECANESE. Gerben, PG5M, will be active as as SV5/PG5M from Dode-
canese Islands (EU-001) between September 4-11th. Activity will be holiday
style on 40-10 meters using CW only. QSL via ClubLog or LoTW.

TM100, FRANCE (Special Event). To commemorate 100 years of the BBC (British
Broadcasting Corporation), the special callsign TM100BBC will be on the
air between October 10-24th. Operators mentioned are André/F5AQX (EME),
Serge/F5SN (DMR C4FM), Marie/F5UAY (SSB), Laurent/F8FSC (all modes) and
Michel/F8GGZ (CW). QSL Manager is Michel, F8GGZ (Only via Bureau or direct,
with a Self-Addressed Envelope).

TM200, FRANCE (Special Event). Michel, F8GGZ, will be active with the
special callsign TM200LP to celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of
Louis Pasteur between December 10-21st and December 27-29th, 2022. Louis
Pasteur was a French scientist, chemist and physicist by training. A
pioneer in microbiology, he enjoyed great notoriety during his lifetime
for having developed a vaccine against rabies. QSL via F8GGZ.

VP8, ANTARCTICA. For the fourth year, Sebastian, SQ1SGB, will be active
possibly as VP0HAL (or VP8/SQ1SGB) from the British Antarctic Research
Base Station (WAP GBR-40) during the 2022-2023 season. According to the
WAP Web page (, Seba
wants to prepare himself for this season, and he's looking for a light
Digital converter fitting to his FT857 RTX, in order to be on Digi other
than the usual SSB. For this Antarctic season, Seba has finally gotten
permission (after 3 years) to use the station's antenna which he had
already used for a short time last year. "With that large multiband,
the signal will certainly perform better, as no amplifier is allowed
down there!" QSL via EB7DX. Watch the WAP Web page for updates.

XZ, MYANMAR. Simon, XZ2A (XW0LP), posted the following on,
August 11th [edited]: "Although some might suggest that voluntarily
relocating to a civil war zone is perhaps not the wisest of moves, I am
happy to announce that I will shortly be returning to Myanmar to take up
full-time teaching employment again, and to engage in the educational
charity work for orphanages that I did previously. I have already been
in touch with the relevant authorities, who have confirmed that I will
be able to reapply for my XZ2A callsign, and to import my new Icom 7300
rig. As before, I will only be allowed to operate from 20 MHz and up,
and I hope to operate on 6m, since my 7300 rig covers this band." QSL
via EA5GL.

ZF, CAYMAN ISLANDS. Phil, ZF1PB, is now active as ZF1PB/9 from Cayman
Brac Island (NA-016) until August 22nd. Activity is holiday style on
various HF bands using SSB with a FT-991A into a Alpha vertical antenna.
QSL via ZF1PB direct only to: Phil Bodden, P.O. Box 2240, KY1-1107 Grand
Cayman, Cayman Islands. NO IRCs, LoTW or eQSL.

ZL7, CHATHAM ISLAND (Update). Operators Jeff/K5WE and his son, Scott/
KD5GEY  will be active as ZL7/K5WE from the settlement of Kaingaroa on
the north coast of Chatham Island (OC-038, WW Loc. AE16ug) beginning
September 9-21st. Activity will be on all bands 160-10 meters using the
CW, FT8, FT4, SSB and RTTY modes. They have received permission to operate
on 60 meters. Suggested frequencies are:
CW   - 7007, 10107, 14007, 18077, 21007, 24903 and 28007 kHz
SSB  - They will just try to find a clear frequency.....
FT8  - 1835, 3563, 5357, 7056, 10144, 14091, 18108, 21091, 24920, 28091
       and 50313 kHz... FT8 will be normal mode, not F/H.
FT4  - 7056, 10144, 14091, 18108, 21091, 24920 and 28091 kHz
RTTY - 7056, 10142, 14088, 18105, 21088, 24910 and 28088 kHz
Equipment will include Elecraft & Yaesu Xcvrs, 500 watt amps, a Hexbeam
and Crank-IR Vertical. Depending upon a reliable internet connection,
logs will be uploaded to ClubLog daily and Clublog Livestream will be
active. Logs will be uploaded to LoTW upon returning home. QSL via Club-
Log's OQRS or K5WE. For more info and updates (possible periodic updates
during the operation go to: 
Operators are looking for support for this operation (see Web page).

ZV8, BRAZIL (WWFF Op). Members of the Paraense DX Group will be active
as ZV8C from Cuinarana Marine Extractive Reserve (WWFF PYFF-0402, WW Loc.
GI69df) - Pará, North Brazil, between August 19-21st. Operators mentioned
are Sandro/PY8SL, Ronaldo/PS8RV, Renato/PY8WW and Jean/PY7BR. Activity
will be on 80-10 meters using CW, SSB and FT8. QSL via PY8SL direct,
ClubLog or LoTW. Visit the PARA DX Group's Web page at: 

ZV8, BRAZIL (WWFF Op). Members of the Paraense DX Group will be active
as ZV8F from Cabo Orange National Park (WWFF PYFF-0007, WW Loc. GJ42ju)
Amapá, the Amazon rainforest in North Brazil, between August 22-24th.
They will also activate APA Fazendiha Park (WWFF PYFF-0340, WW Loc. GI49kw)
Amapá, the Amazon rainforest North Brazil, between August 26-27th.
Operators mentioned are Ronaldo/PS8RV and Jean/PY7BR. Activity will be
on 80-10 meters using CW, SSB and FT8. Visit the PARA DX Group's Web
page at: 

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