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BOLETIM DARC – 29/11/2023

Por Claudio PY2KP


Edição: 2382       Data: 29/11/2023      [ Atualizado todas as quartas feiras ]


     The special event station A60WRC (with optional appendages /0 to
     /20) operates around the ITU conference WRC-23 until Dec. 15. For
     QSL information see:

     Shabu, M0KRI, is still waiting for his equipment to arrive in a
     container and now hopes to get on the air as 9L5M on Nov. 27. QRV
     on HF and via QO-100 until Dec. 5. A QSL route will be announced

     Yanick, F6FYD, signs CN2YD, beginning on Dec. 1. He stays in the
     country until March 15 in 2024 and also plans to visit the island
     Essaouira (AF-065), dates to be announced in due course. QSL via
     homecall, to be processed after his return.

     Gerard, F2JD, is now back in Copan-Ruinas and operates as HR5/F2JD
     until March 21 next year on 160-10m (including 60m) on CW, SSB, and
     FT8/4. QSL via F6AJA (B).


CW:  28040 24920 21040 18098 14040 10114 7030 3530 kHz
SSB: 28560 28460 24950 21260 18128 14260 7055 3760 kHz

AF-013; 5R, MADAGASCAR ISLAND: Moise, F4EZG, will be active between
     Dec. 5 and Jan. 3 next year as 5R8VE. QRV on 20-10m (SSB, FT8) with
     100W. QSL via homecall, LoTW, eQSL.

     Dec. 3, Moise, F4EZG, signs 5R8VE/p from Nosy Faly Island. QSL via

     activates Con Son Island as 3W9C from Nov. 30 until Dec. 9 on 20-6m
     (FT8). QSL via homecall.

EU-028; I*5, TOSCANA (TUSCANY) REGION group: Alessandro, IZ4WNA,
     puts Elba on the air from the 28th to 30th as IZ4WNA/IA5 on 80-10m
     (SSB, FT8). QSL via IZ4WNA.

NA-023; VP2V, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS: VP2VMM will be the callsign
     of a group operating holiday-style from Anegada Island between Dec.
     4 and 12. QRV mostly on 20-10m (CW, SSB, digital). QSL via KU9C
     (d/B), ClubLog OQRS, LoTW.

OC-003; VK9, COCOS (KEELING) ISLANDS: Yuris, YL2GM, and Eugene,
     EA5EL, move on to Cocos Keeling and operate as VK9CY from Nov. 29
     until Dec. 7. QRV with two rigs on 160-6m (CW, SSB, FT8). QSL via
     YL2GN, OQRS.

OC-011; V6, CHUUK ISLANDS: A group of German operators will be
     active from Dec. 4 until Dec. 16 as V6EU on 160-10m (CW, SSB, RTTY,
     FT8). QSL via DL2AWG, ClubLog OQRS, LoTW.

OC-024; T32, KIRITIMATI ISLAND: Members of the Rebel DX Group
     operate as T32TT from Chistmas Island between Dec. 1 and 21. QRV on
     160-6m (CW, SSB, FT8/4). QSL only via OQRS.

OC-032; FK, NEW CALEDONIA ISLAND: Jean Luis, F5NHJ, is currently
     visiting his family on New Caledonia and plans to operate for 1
     week, beginning Nov. 25, as FK/F5NHJ from Pine Island. He stays
     until Jan. 14. QSL only via OQRS or LoTW.


start      - end        DX              DXNL
22.09.     -            3B9/DK6AS       2373
19.11.     - 01.12.     3B9/M0CFW       2380
10/22      - 08/23      3C3CA           2359
30.11.     - 09.12.     3W9C            2382*
01.09.     - 31.12.     4L/W7EHC        2369
           - 30.03.24   4S7KKG          2379
24.11.     - 05.12.     5H3FM           2381
08.11.     - 08.12.     5H3MB           2379
           - 30.11.     5H6PJ           2381
12.04.     -            5XA1J           2349
09.05.     -            5Z4/UA4WHX      2354
10.05.     -            6Y/CO7WT        2353
18.12.22   -            6Y/N0GJW        2336
           -            7P8LL           2359
17.06.     -            7Q5SE           2359
03.11.     -            7Q6M            2380
11.07.     -            8Q7HU           2361
17.09.     -            9G1SD           2373
29.06.     -            9J2SEU          2361
27.11.     - 05.12.     9L5M            2382*
26.01.     -            9N7AA           2339
26.02.     -            9X3SE/p         2344
           - 15.12.     A60WRC          2382*
           - 15.12.     A60WRC/0        2382*
           - 15.12.     A60WRC/1        2382*
           - 15.12.     A60WRC/2        2382*
           - 15.12.     A60WRC/3        2382*
           - 15.12.     A60WRC/4        2382*
           - 15.12.     A60WRC/5        2382*
           - 15.12.     A60WRC/6        2382*
           - 15.12.     A60WRC/7        2382*
           - 15.12.     A60WRC/8        2382*
           - 15.12.     A60WRC/9        2382*
           - 15.12.     A60WRC/10       2382*
           - 15.12.     A60WRC/11       2382*
           - 15.12.     A60WRC/12       2382*
           - 15.12.     A60WRC/13       2382*
           - 15.12.     A60WRC/14       2382*
           - 15.12.     A60WRC/15       2382*
           - 15.12.     A60WRC/16       2382*
           - 15.12.     A60WRC/17       2382*
           - 15.12.     A60WRC/18       2382*
           - 15.12.     A60WRC/19       2382*
           - 15.12.     A60WRC/20       2382*
01.04.     -            A65SV           2348
           -            A71/RN1B        2354
15.12.     - 12/23      AT42I           2332
23.11.     - 11.12.     AU2JCB          2381
23.11.     - 11.12.     AU3JCB          2381
23.11.     - 11.12.     AU5JCB          2381
18.11.     - 10.12.     CE0YHF          2380
01.12.     - 15.03.     CN2YD           2382*
           -            DA0WB           2334
01.01.23   - 31.12.23   DB100RDF        2335
01.09.     - 31.12.     DL110RG         2371
01.09.23   - 30.06.24   DL75BRD         2371
15.10.23   - 15.10.24   EI40FOTA        2375
           - 06.2024    FH4VVK          2357
19.11.     - 14.01.24   FK/F5NHJ        2382*
26.05.     -            FM/DK2PZ        2356
07.22      -            FO5QS           2312
           -            FP/DK7LX        2351
20.11.     - 29.11.     FS/KC9EE        2380
21.02.24   - 06.03.24   FS/KC9EE        2380
           - 02.24      FW1JG           2287
15.11.     - 29.11.     H44WA           2380
           - 12/23      HG100HAR        2365
           -            HK3/F4AHV       2332
10.09.     - 15.05.24   HK3JCL          2377
25.11.     - 21.03.24   HR5/F2JD        2382*
01.01.     -            HS0ZIB          2336
25.05.     - 07.12.     II1ITR          2355
28.11.     - 30.11.     IZ4WNA/IA5      2382*
           - 06.23      J28HJ           2311
08.22      -            J28RC           2315
19.04.     -            J5JUA           2351
06.02.     -            J52EC           2341
12/22      - 12/23      KC4AAC          2332
           -            L36Z            2380
01.01.     - 31.12.     LA100K          2348
23.04.     -            OE22M           2298
01/23      - 06/23      OE40XTU         2332
15.06.     - 15.12.     OE100XBB        2380
01.11.     - 30.11.     PF23MAX         2379
21.11.     - 29.11.     S79/G3WPH       2381
21.11.     - 29.11.     S79/G4IRN       2381
21.11.     - 29.11.     S79/G4PVM       2381
21.11.     - 29.11.     S79/GD4XUM      2381
01.11.     - 31.1.24    SN15AXI         2379
01.12.     - 21.12.     T32TT           2382*
           - 06/23      TT8SN           2320
12/22      - 03/23      V31TX           2333
16.11.     - 30.04.24   V51WH           2380
04.12.     - 16.12.     V6EU            2382*
10/23      - 10/27      V73ML           2374
           - 31.12.     VK100ZL         2351
29.11.     - 07.12.     VK9CY           2382*
           - 04/23      VK9WX           2331
           -            VP8/UW5EHR      2375
12/22      - 01/23      VP8RAF          2332
12/22      - 01/23      VP8TAA          2332
20.07.     -            XW0LP           2364
           - 12/25      YB8QT           2330
05.09.     -            YI1YY           2370
           - 31.12.     YU75SRV         2351

*  = new or updated
.. = and other calls

QSL information:

3B8/G3XTT         via    G3XTT        (O)
3B8/HB9FSL        via    HB9FSL
3B9/M0CFW         via    M0CFW        (O), (d), (L)
3Z1K              via    SP1KRF
3Z8GSC            via    SP8GSC
4K50DHC           via    4K4K         (d)
4S7KKG            via    DC0KK,       (L)
4W/JH2EUV         via    JH2EUV,      (L)
4X7R              via    4X6OM
5B/OM4AY          via    OM4AYL
5J3L              via    HK3LRB,      (L)
5P6MJ             via    OZ6MJ,       (L)
5X4E              via    IQ3CO        (B), IZ3ZLG (d)
7O73T             via    UA3DX
7O8AE             via    M0OXO        (O)
7S2A              via    SA2SAA,      (L)
8N3N              via    JA-Bureau,   (L)
8Z93ND            via    HZ1SAR       (direct)
9A/S51DI          via    S51DI        and LoTW
9A0HQ             via    9A2EU,       (L)
9A30T             via    9A2EU,       (L)
9H6S              via    9H1PI
9N1CA             via    EA5ZD        (d), (L)
9Q2WX             via    IZ8CCW,      (L)
A41NN             via    A61BK        (O), (L)
A44A              via    EC6DX,       (L)
A60AP             via    EA7FTR
A61DI             via    EA7FTR
A62A              via    EA7FTR,      (L)
A65PX             via    K3YR         (d), (L)
A71/RN1B          via    RW3RN        (O)
A71VV             via    M0OXO,       (O), (L)
A91ARS            via    EC6DX,       (L)
A91GCC            via    EC6DX,       (L)
AC6XT/6Y          via    JA7FYF       (B)
AM23SF            via    EA1CW
AM25UPCT          via    EA5K,        (L)
AM775CPT          via    EB5URT
AO100WDC          via    EA5RKB,      (L)
AO175FBM          via    EA5RKB,      (L)
AO23DMPC          via    EA5RKB,      (L)
AO30MRB           via    EA6SB
AO6MTPH           via    EA6SB
AO6URB            via    EA6ZX        (d)
AP5ARS            via    IK2DUW       (d), (L)
AT2G20            via    VU2UUU,      (L)
AT3K              via    VU2XE        (d), (L)
AT3MOON           via    VU2UUU
AU2JCB            via    VU2DSI       (d), (e)
AX37EUDXF         via    SP7WT        (L), (e)
C21TS             via    M0OXO        (d), (L)
C37UN             via    C37URA
C91CCY            via    K3IRV
CB8E              via    CE8EIO       (d)
CN24M             via    CN8WW
CP5HK             via    EC6DX        (direct)
CQ8AOV            via    CT7AOV,      (L)
CR3A              via    OM2VL
CR3DX             via    OM2VL,       (L)
CR3W              via    DL5AXX,      (L)
CS2MD             via    CS5NRA
CS2P              via    CT1ARR
CS7/DO3HK         via    DO3HK,       (L)
CT/OH2NOS/P       via    OH2NOS
CT3BH             via    OH2BH
CT7/DJ5CW         via    DJ5CW
CT1DRB            via    EA4URE
CT9/DL1CW         via    DL1CW        and (L)
CT9/IV3CTS        via    YT4RA
CT9/OM7JG         via    OM7JG
CT9/TF3CW         via    LX1NO,       nur (d)
CT9/YT4RA         via    YT4RA
CT9/YT7AW         via    YT7AW
CT9ABN            via    OM2VL
CT9ABV            via    DL5AXX,      (L)
CW5W              via    CX6VM        (d), (L)
CW5X              via    CX2ABC       (d)
CX1VH             via    EA7FTR
CX90RCU           via    CX1AA        (CX-Bureau), (d)
D44PM             via    IZ4DPV,      (L)
DA0CW/p           via    DF6EX
DA0HQ             via    DL5AXX       (B)
DA0LCC            via    DH4HAN       (B)
DA0TOR            via    DL9WJM,      (L)
DB23SOWG          via    DL2VFR
DF0FDN            via    DG6SDY
DF0SX             via    DL1CW,       (L)
DK0A              via    DH8IAT,      (L)
DK5T/LH           via    DK5ON        (d), (B), (L), (O)
DL/HB9CGA/P       via    HB9CGA,      (L)
DL/SQ8NOD         via    SQ8NOD       (e)
DL0EUF            via    DJ8NK        (B)
DL0NOT            via    DL1ZAV       (B)
DL0PPC            via    DL6UIP
DL75BRD           via    DL2VFR
DQ100SRC          via    DK8VR
DQ9L              via    DJ4WT        (B), (d)
DR30RRC           via    RZ3EC        (O)
DR5T              via    DK7DR
DR7T              via    DF1DN
DU37EUDXF         via    PA1AW,       (L)
DU9/ZS6BR         via    ZS6BR
E2A               via    E21EIC       and LoTW
E730S             via    E77AR
E750ESP           via    E76AA        and LoTW
E7HQ              via    E70ARA,      (L)
E7MILMIL          via    E74BYZ
E7TESLA           via    E74BYZ
EA5/IK8YFU        via    IK8YFU       (d), (L)
EA5/ON4ANV        via    ON4ANV       (d), (L)
EA6/DK5ON         via    DK5ON        (d), (B), (L), (O)
EA8/DK3YB/P       via    DK3YB
EA8/DL6HRA        via    DL6HRA
EA/CT7ARQ/P       via    CT7ARQ       (d), (L)
EG8CDT            via    EA8CMY
EH2EUS            via    EA2TP        (O), (L)
EH5MIURA          via    EA5RCL
EI2EWM            via    EI5EAB
EJ6KP/P           via    M5KJM        (O), (L)
EK6TA             via    DJ0MCZ       (d)
EP3GMR            via    RW6HS        (d) only
EP6DSP            via    WA3FRP       (d), (B), (L)
ER7HQ             via    ER1FF
EX/OH7O/P         via    OH7O         (L), (e)
EX0M              via    DF8WS
EZ/DL7ZM          via    DL7ZM        (d) OE-Address)
F/FK8IK           via    FK8IK        (d), (L)
FM/UT5UGR         via    UT5UGR       (O), (L)
FS/K0CD           via    K0CD,        (L)
FW2CW             via    ZL3CW        (O), (L)
G2E               via    M0ORD,       (L)
GX1FCW            via    G1FCW        (e)
H25A              via    LZ3SM
HB0/DL2JRM        via    DL2JRM
HB0A              via    HB0FL,       (L)
HB9/IQ1QQ         via    IQ1QQ
HF5A              via    SP5LGS
HF9D              via    SP9UXB,      (L)
HF9MUZEUM         via    SP9KAG
HF9ZZ             via    SP9TCZ
HF90LOT           via    SP1PMY
HG150BP           via    HA5OW        (e)
HG6Z              via    HA6KVC
HG73WTD           via    HA1KHJ,      (L)
HH2DF/XE2         via    HH2DF        (d)
HI3K              via    EB7DX,       (L)
HK3JCL            via    DK8LRF
HL2/NO4P          via    NO4P         (L)
HL78V             via    6K0MF        (B)
HR9/K6VHF         via    K6VHF        (d), (L)
HS0ZBS            via    OE2REL       o. via HS-(B)
HS0ZOA            via    EB7DX
HZ1BL             via    IZ8CLM,      (L)
HZ1SK             via    IZ8CLM       (L)
HZ9WSW            via    HZ1SAR       (d)
IB2BGBS           via    IQ2CP        (B)
IL3P              via    IU3EDK
IR9K              via    IT9DSZ       and (L)
IT9/W5MX          via    W5MX
IQ0AA             via    IS0WHQ,      (L)
IQ6KX             via    IW6ATQ       (d), (e)
IQ9AAL            via    IT9YEM       (d)
IQ9VH             via    IT9WRZ
IR3Z              via    IN3XUG
IT9FRX            via    IT9DQM
IW5ELA            via    IW5ELA
IY5PIS            via    IK5WOB
J43POTA           via    SV3SPC       (e) only
J88IH             via    VP2EIH       (L)
JA1OSN/7          via    JA1OSN
JF3ELH/6          via    JF3ELH
JH6HZH/6          via    JH6HZH,      (L)
JW6VDA            via    OH6VDA       (O), (L)
JW7QIA            via    LA7QIA       and (L)
K3S               via    K3LU
K5K               via    KD4VVZ       (d)
KH0/WA0TPN        via    WA0TPN       and (L)
KN6IPA/AM         via    KN6IPA       (d), (L)
KP2B              via    EB7DX,       (L)
LA100K            via    LA1K
LC5C              via    LA6KOA
LT6M              via    LU3MG
LW1F              via    LU5FC,       (d)
LW3DMV            via    EA7HBC,      (e)
LX7I              via    LX2A,        (L)
LY/ER1LW          via    VE7LWW       (d)
LY787A            via    LY5A
LZ288MS           via    LZ1KCP
LZ600PA           via    LZ1KCP
MD/DL2AQI         via    DL2AQI
MD/DL4AP          via    DL4APJ,      (L)
MD7C              via    M0OXO        (O), (L)
N5E               via    KE5BZE       (d)
NE1C              via    KX1X
NL8F              via    N7RO,        (L)
OE100XBB          via    OE5WRO       (B)
OE37EUDXF         via    OE6VIE       (O), (L)
OE4C/p            via    OE4RGC
OE40WO            via    OE8XDX
OE40XTU           via    OE1XTU       (e), (L)
OE5TXF            via    G3TXF        (O), (L)
OE6YHOTA          via    OE6TTF
OE8Q              via    OE8SKQ       (L)
OG1F              via    OH1F         (O), (L))
OG3B              via    OH3RB
OH3Z              via    OH1NX        and (L)
OI3V              via    OH3KAV       (L), (B)
OJ0JR             via    OH3JR        (L)
OK/DF9PE/P        via    DF9PE        nur (e)
OK/DM1FG/P        via    DM1FG        (d), (e)
OK7O              via    OK1DOL
OK8CX/P           via    DL7CX,       (L)
OK8MA/P           via    SP9MA
OL23RADIO         via    OK1MP,       (O), (L)
OL68DURAK         via    OK2RZ
OL100RADIO        via    OK1MP,       (O), (L)
OL5DIG            via    OK1AR
OL750HOL          via    OK1MR,       (L)
OM30RRC           via    RZ3EC        (O)
ON4IPA            via    ON6ZV
OO0Q              via    ON6VDS,      (L)
OO7Z              via    ON6KZ
OO9A              via    ON8YB,       (L)
OP10KF            via    ON6HC        (e)
OP25VRA           via    ON7EN
OP45IH            via    ON4RAT       (B)
OP6Y/p            via    ON6YP
OQ5M              via    ON5ZO        (O), (L), (e)
OS8A              via    ON8VK        (L)
OS8D/P            via    ON8DN
OQ23BIA           via    ON2WAB
OQ4U              via    ON4AMX,      (L)
OQ95RCL           via    ON3AR,       (L)
OT2X              via    ON6YX
OT40PRA           via    ON8JJ
OX/PA7MDJ         via    PA7MDJ,      (L)
OX3XR             via    PA3249       (d), (L), (e)
OX5DM             via    OZ1ACB,      (L)
OX7AKT            via    OZ1ACB       (O), (L)
OY/DF8DX          via    DF8DX
P3D               via    VE3DZ        (O)
P40L              via    WA3FRP,      (L)
PA/DL1DN/P        via    DL1DN
PA1UN             via    DK2BK        (B)
PA6S              via    PC2KY
PA80STAR          via    PA1UN
PB37EUDXF         via    PA1AW
PE00T             via    PA2TMS
PF23MAX           via    PF1B
PF37EUDXF         via    PA1AW
PG37EUDXF         via    PA1AW
PH37EUDXF         via    PA2TMS
PI37EUDXF         via    PA1AW
PI4COM            via    PA1AW
PJ2/DK5ON         via    DK5ON,       (d), (B), (L), (O)
PJ2/HA3JB         via    HA3JB        (OQRS, (d)
PJ4SON            via    M0URX        (OQRS)
PJ7PL             via    N2HX
PT5J              via    PP5JR        (L)
PV100CM           via    PT2OP
PY4BZ             via    EA7FTR
R100ZK            via    RN3RQ
RI41POL           via    RN3RQ
S515SOTA          via    S58R         and LoTW
S79/G4PVM         via    G4PVM        (e)
SC6O              via    SM6OEF,      (L)
SD7M/6            via    DF9TM
SM2A              via    SM2ILF,      (L)
SN15AXI           via    SQ3LMR
SN85SKK           via    SP9PNB
SP/KD0HIY         via    KD0HIY
SP105PWK          via    SP3PDO
SP85SKK           via    SP9PNB
SQ600LD           via    SP7PGK
SV9/SV2CLJ        via    SV2CLJ       (d), (L)
SX52OA            via    SV1AHH       (L), (e)
SX9V              via    SV9DJO       (L
T41DX             via    RW6HS        nur (d)
T71SNM            via    T70A         (d)
T88HV             via    JH6JWE,      (L)
TA4/DD1WT         via    DD1WT
TA4/G8SCU         via    G8SCU
TC100YR           via    TA2IJ        (direct)
TF3T              via    TF3MH,       (L)
TM8MBH            via    F5ADR        (B)
TM17FFF           via    F4GFE
TM400BPA          via    F5KDC
TM63RWC           via    F4KLW
TO0GL             via    F8TRL        (d)
TO1A              via    F5HRY        (L)
TX7L              via    F6EXV        (O), (L)
UN3M              via    M0OXO        (O), (L)
UP1G              via    UN5G         (d)
V31XX             via    K4XS         (d)
V31CQ             via    K5PS         (O), (L)
V4/N2HX           via    N2HX
V55JOTA           via    V51Q,        (d), (eMail)
VP2ETE            via    W3HNK,       (L)
VP9/AA1AC         via    AA1AC
YE8DWC            via    M0OXO        (O), (L)
VA3FIRE           via    KF2IRE,      (d)
VJ3U              via    VK3IU,       (B)
XL3A              via    VE3AT
XP3A              via    PA3249       (d), (L), (e)
XW4DX             via    F4BKV
YB0AR             via    EB7DX        (d), (L)
YU/Z35M/P         via    Z35M         (d), (L)
YU75SRV           via    YU7APV
YM3VBR            via    TA3ASX,      (d),(L)
YQ2PECICA         via    YO2LFP
YT26IARU          via    YU1SRS,      (L)
YT8A              via    YU1EA,       (L)
Z21NRT            via    EA5GL,       (L)
Z30HQ             via    Z37RSM       (B)
Z3100TC           via    TC100TC,     (B)
Z36T              via    DJ0LZ        nur (d)
ZA/OE8NDR         via    DE1QSL       (B)
ZA/OE6PBD         via    OE6PBD
ZA/OE6TQG         via    OE6TQG,      (e)
ZA/S59A           via    S59A
ZA/SV1ENG         via    SV1ENG,      (L)
ZF2PG             via    K8PGJ        (d), (L)
ZL3P              via    ZL3PAH       (L) only
ZL7/SP5EAQ        via    SP7DQR       (O), (d), (B)
ZM1A              via    ZL3CW,       (d), (L)
ZQ2HRH            via    ZB2BU        (d)
ZV5WPC            via    PU5AOA       (d)
ZW2RA             via    PY2UTU       (d)
ZX2E              via    OH2MM        (B)
ZY8BJ             via    PS8PL        nur (L)
ZS1AFS            via    N4GNR        (d)
ZS9V              via    M0OXO        (O), (L)
ZZ3CVM            via    PY3CEN
ZZ5BB             via    PP5DZ

(d) = direct   (B) = bureau ok  (L) = LoTW           (O) = OQRS
(C) = ClubLog  (e) = eQSL       (*) = new manager    (Q) = QRZ.COM

Abbreviations in this DXNL:

ARLHS    Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society
DCI      D.C.I. (Diploma Castelli Italia)
DCPC     D.C.P.C. (Diploma Castelli Provincia Cuneo)
DFCF     Diplome des Forts et Chateaux de France
DIFM     Diplome des Iles de la France Metropolitaine
H/c      Homecall
ILLW     International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend
IOCA     Islands Of Croatia Award
IOTA     Islands on the Air
LoTW     Logbook of the World
OQRS     Online QSL Request System
POTA     Parks On The Air
RDA      Russian District's Award Program
RLHA     Russian Lighthouse Award
SNSM     Societe Nationale des Sauveteurs en Mer
URE      Union de Radioaficionados Espanoles
WCA      World Castles Award
WLOTA    World Lighthouse On The Air Award
WRTC     World Radiosport Team Championship
WWFF     World Wide Flora & Fauna