BOLETIM DARC – 22/06/2022

Edição: 2307      Data: 22/06/2022      [ Atualizado todas as quartas feiras ]

     Ali/EP3CQ has returned to Somalia and operates as 6O1OO during his
     spare time. QRV mostly on FT8, sometimes CW, until July 16. He
     reports that he had answered all QSL requests until June 14 and
     will honour further requests in August or September.

     The special event stations 7R19MG and 7Y19MG operate around the
     19th Mediterranean Games between June 25 and July 5. An award is
     also available. For more information see; QSL
     via IK2DUW.

     Members of the Club Radioamateurs Scientifique de la Haute-Vienne
     (F8KFZ) will be active once more on June 25/26 with the callsign
     TM20KFZ to celebrate their club's 20th anniversary. QSL via bureau.

     Joe/OZ0J will be active from June 28 until July 5 as HB0/OZ0J on
     CW, SSB, and digital modes. QSL via OZ0J (d/B), ClubLog OQRS, eQSL,

     Lothar/DK8LRF will be back on the air as HK3JCL from July 25 until
     May 15 next year. QSL via DK8LRF (B).

     Rafael/EA5XV signs HP1/EA5XV from June 28 until Sept. 12 on SSB.
     QSL via EA5XV (d/B).

     Koh/JD1AJD will be active from June 24 until July 2 on 20-6m (CW,
     FT8/4) with a focus on 6m towards EU and NA. QSL via JA1ADT (d/B),

     The radio club VE3IC celebrates its centenary with the callsigns
     VB3C during the ARRL Field Day (June 25/26) and VC3IC during the
     RAC Canada Day Contest (July 1/2). QSL via bureau.

     OE2XXM and OE5XXM (special ADL 553) will be active around the 36th
     International Ham Meeting in Gosau from July 1 to 31. QSL via
     bureau; for more information see

Abbreviations in this DXNL:

ARLHS    Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society
DFCF     Diplome des Forts et Chateaux de France
DIFM     Diplome des Iles de la France Metropolitaine
H/c      Homecall
IOTA     Islands on the Air
LoTW     Logbook of the World
OQRS     Online QSL Request System
SNSM     Societe Nationale des Sauveteurs en Mer
URE      Union de Radioaficionados Espanoles
WCA      World Castles Award
WLOTA    World Lighthouse On The Air Award
WRTC     World Radiosport Team Championship


CW:  28040 24920 21040 18098 14040 10114 7030 3530 kHz
SSB: 28560 28460 24950 21260 18128 14260 7055 3760 kHz

     Csaba/HA2KMR will be signing CT9/homecalls between June 24 and 28
     from Madeira. For the King of Spain SSB Contest they will use the
     callsign CR3DX. QSL via homecalls (d/B).

EU-022; JX, JAN MAYEN ISLAND: Stian/LB5SH had to cancel his plans
     for a visit to Jan Mayen in 2022. He hopes for a new opportunity
     next year.

EU-053; OJ0/SM, MARKET REEF: Watch out for Henri/OH3JR and
     Pertti/OG2M operating as OJ0JR and OJ0MR from Market Reef between
     June 26 and July 6. Their main task is maintenance works at the
     lighthouse, so radio activity will take place during their spare
     time. QRV on HF (CW, FT8, some SSB) with a focus on North America,
     South America, and Asia. QSL for OJ0MR via OG2M (d), OJ0JR via
     OH3JR (d/B) or via ClubLog.

     Miquelon Island as FP/KV1J from June 28 to July 12. QRV with a
     focus on 60m and 6m. He will also take part in the IARU HF World
     Championship. QSL via KV1J (d/B), LoTW.

NA-057; HR, BAHIA ISLANDS: Alex/K6VHF will be operating as
     HR9/K6VHF from Rotatan Island between June 27 and and 31. QRV on
     80-10m (maybe also on 6m) on CW, SSB, and FT8. QSL via K6VHF (d/B).

     activates Upernarvik Island from June 27 until July 11 as OX3LX
     with a focus on 6m and 4m, but also on HF bands. QSL via OZ0J

Further IOTA News:

JX, JAN MAYEN: Helge/JX/LB4MI has now set up a 6m wire antenna and
     already enjoyed a few pile-ups on that band. For direct QSL
     requests he asks to use the online request system. The next
     batch from the island will be sent in August. QSLs
     via bureau will be sent until Christmas.

WWFF Activities:

CW: 28044 24894 21044 18084 14044 10124 7024 3544 kHz
SSB: 28444 24944 21244 18144 14244 7144 3744 kHz

FFF-1434, Natura 2000 Littoral Seino-marin: The Radio Club Havrais
     will be active from this location as F8KHN/p on the 25th. QSL via
     F8KHN (d/B).

FFF-1686, Natura 2000 Cluse du Lac d'Annecy: Jean Marie/F5NLX signs
     /p from this location (also DFCF 74102, WCA F 07287)on the 23rd
     (0630-0905z). QSL via F5NLX (B).

     Havrais will be active from this location as F8KHN/p on the 26th.
     QSL via F8KHN (d/B).

KFF-2267, Shades:
     Charles/NK8O activates this state park from the 22nd to 26th. QSL
     only via LoTW.

PAFF-0117, Weerter- en Budelerbergen & Ringselven:
     PF44F operates from this reference on the 24th (12z to 16z). QSL
     via LoTW.

SVFF-0029, Kastoria's Lake:
     SX2PLSK operates with 2 rigs from this location between the 24th
     and 26th on HF (SSB, RTTY, FT8). QSL via SV2BXZ.


start      - end        DX              DXNL
20.01.     -            3B8HH           2285
25.03.     -            3X1A            2303
           - 30.08.     3Z75ZOT         2302
14.05.     -            K4RC            2301
01.06.     - 01.11.     4A2MAX          2306
27.01.     - 27.07.     5B4AQC          2287
18.04.     -            5P0WARD         2297
01.05.     -            5X7W            2301
01.01.     - 31.12.     6F6F            2284
16.06.     -            6O1OO           2307*
01.12.     - 31.10.     7B2C            2280
01.12.     - 31.10.     7B2E            2280
01.12.     - 31.10.     7B2H            2280
01.12.     - 31.10.     7B2O            2280
01.12.     - 31.10.     7B2T            2280
06.2022    -            7P8AB           2306*
06.2022    -            7P8NB           2306
25.06.     - 05.07.     7R19MG          2307*
25.06.     - 05.07.     7Y19MG          2307*
           - 30.06.     8N1TAMA         2272
01.01.     - 30.09.     8N650JP         2297
22.05.     -            9G5XA           2304
01.04.     - 30.06.     9H6CAP          2295
           - 06/2022    9J2MYT          2279
11/21      -            9N7AA           2306
25.04.     -            9N7CI           2300
25.04.     -            9N7WE           2300
01.06.     - 22.06.     9X2AW           2304
01.05.     -            C83YT           2301
01.01.     - 31.12.     DB50AFZ         2283
01.11.     - 31.10.     DF22LGS         2275
01.01.     - 31.12.     DF40BGK         2283
01.03.     - 30.06.     DF90TJU         2290
01.02.     - 31.07.     DK0FWS          2289
20.02.     - 19.02.23   DK0HN           2285
01.01.     - 31.12.     DK050BN         2283
01.01.     - 31.12.     DK65DEL         2285
01.03.     - 30.06.     DK90TJU         2290
01.01.     - 31.12.     DL0HO           2284
26.01.     - 25.01.23   DL0OF           2288
01.07.     - 07.07.     DL1AXX/p        2305
15.09.     - 14.09.     DL24EURO        2268
01.11.     - 31.10.     DL35EUDXF       2273
01.01.     - 31.12.     DL60LINDAU      2283
01.01.     - 31.12.     DL70WOB         2283
01.01.     - 31.12.     DL73AFUG        2283
01.01.     - 31.12.     DL75DRG         2283
01.01.     - 31.12.     DL75HIL         2282
01.01.     - 31.12.     DL75HES         2291
01.01.     - 31.12.     DL75OBY         2285
01.01.     - 31.12.     DL75RLP         2288
01.03.     - 30.06.     DL90TJU         2290
01.01.     - 31.07.     DM60CSJ         2282
01.03.     - 30.06.     DM90TJU         2290
01.01.     - 31.12.     DP44N44T        2284
01.03.     - 30.06.     DP90TJU         2290
01.03.     - 30.06.     DQ90TJU         2290
01.12.     - 30.11.     DR125MB         2278
01.01.     - 31.12.     DR50BAWA        2305
01.03.     - 30.06.     DR90TJU         2290
01.06.     - 30.09.     E2WRTC          2304
01.01.     - 31.12.     EI90IRTS        2282
28.06.     - 12.07.     FP/KV1J         2300
           - 31.12.22   FS/KC9FFV       2298
           - 02/2024    FW1JG           2287
01.01.     - 31.12.     GB100BBC        2282
14.01.     - 23.12.     GB1900HA        2285
14.01.     - 23.12.     GB1900HW        2285
01.06.     - 28.06.     GB70QPJ         2304
01.01.     - 31.12.     H32AT           2290
28.06.     - 05.07.     HB0/OZ0J        2307*
01.01.     - 31.12.     HB50SH          2283
01.03.     - 30.06.     HB90JU          2290
           - 30.08.     HF75ZOT         2302
01.01.     - 14.12.     HF9FIELD        2282
15.03.     - 15.03.23   HG200AN         2293
15.03.     - 15.03.23   HG200DO         2293
15.03.     - 15.03.23   HG200EF         2293
15.03.     - 15.03.23   HG200IR         2293
15.03.     - 15.03.23   HG200OT         2293
15.03.     - 15.03.23   HG200PS         2293
25.07.     - 15.05.23   HK3JCL          2307*
28.06.     - 12.09.     HP1/EA5XV       2307*
01.01.     - 10.07.     II0WRTC         2282
01.01.     - 10.07.     II1WRTC         2282
01.01.     - 10.07.     II2WRTC         2282
01.01.     - 10.07.     II3WRTC         2282
01.01.     - 10.07.     II4WRTC         2282
01.01.     - 10.07.     II5WRTC         2282
01.01.     - 10.07.     II6WRTC         2282
01.01.     - 10.07.     II7WRTC         2282
22.01.     - 30.06.     II8CAP          2286
01.01.     - 10.07.     II8WRTC         2282
01.01.     - 10.07.     II9WRTC         2282
01.06.     - 30.09.     IR4DX           2305
29.10.     - 07.11.     J28MD           2305
24.06.     - 02.07.     JD1AJD          2307*
18.06.     - 26.06.     JD1BMH          2306
03/22      - 10/22      JX/LB4MI        2296
03/22      - 10/22      JX7QY           2296
01.01.     - 31.12.     LA100B          2283
17.06.     - 29.06.     LU4AAO          2306
           - 31.12.     LZ01MLN         2277
01.01.     - 31.12.     LZ1GLASS        2285
01.06.     - 30.06.     LZ444KA         2304
23.04.     -            N6CKC           2298
23.04.     -            OE22M           2298
01.07.     - 31.07.     OE2XXM          2307*
01.07.     - 31.07.     OE5XXM          2307*
01.03.     - 31.12.     OR100RCBE       2290
01.01.     - 31.12.     OZ50DDXG        2282
03.02.     - 02.08.     PA75DXCC        2287
01.04      - 30.10.     PD146EU         2296
01.01.     - 31.12.     PI75LIM         2287
01.09.     - 30.09.     PX200BR         2282
01.01.     - 31.12.     PX2022BR        2282
01.05.     -            S035S           2301
01.01.     - 31.12.     SK50EI          2284
24.05.     - 30.06.     SN35FISTS       2305
           - 30.08.     SN75ZOT         2302
01.01.     - 14.12.     SN9FIELD        2282
           - 30.08.     SO75ZOP         2302
           - 30.08.     SP75ZOT         2302
01.01.     - 14.12.     SP9FIELD        2282
           - 30.08.     SQ75ZOT         2302
20.04.     - 30.10.     TG9AWS          2298
15.01.     - 31.12.     TM0CR           2286
25.06.     - 26.06.     TM20KFZ         2307*
02.05.     - 31.10.     TM400MO         2301
18.03.     - 16.07.     TM55SNSM        2293
14.05.     - 30.07.     TR8CR           2301
           - 12/2023    TT8SN           2176
06.2022    -            V73MS           2306
25.06.     - 26.06      VB3C            2307*
           - 30.06.     VB3Q70          2302
01.07.     - 02.07.     VC3IC           2307*
01.06.     - 30.06.     VE2SPEED        2304
01.06.     - 30.06.     VE3CWM20        2304
06.22      - 10.22      VK0WN           2306
01.01.     - 31.12.     VK90ABC         2287
2.1.23     - 31.03.23   VP2MDX          2300
           -            VP5MA           2302
25.06.     - 26.06.     VP8GGM          2306
14.05.     -            W1M             2301
           - 31.12.     XI0X            2296
17.06.     - 29.06.     Z21RU           2306
11.03.     - 11.09.     Z81D            2293

*  = new or updated
.. = and other calls

QSL information:

3C2C              via    EC5K         (d), (L)
3D2EZ             via    SP5ES
3G3CEA            via    CE3ETR       (d), (L), eQSL
3Z200IL           via    SP8KJX
3Z80AK            via    SP1PBW
4J7FM             via    DC9RI        (B), (L)
4JF1EU            via    4J3DJ,       (d), (B)
4K7DK             via    DK1DKE       (d), (B), (L)
4L0ONY            via    DL7CM,       LoTW
4L9QQ             via    M0OXO        (OQRS and
4L/KF8UN          via    KF8UN        (d)
4M1W              via    EB7DX        (d), (L), eQSL
4M5M              via    W4SO         (L), eQSL
4U1A              via    UA3DX        (B), (L)
4U1GSC            via    9A2AA
4X0RMN            via    4X6ZM,       (L)
4X6TT             via    N4GNR        (d), (L)
4X74FD            via    4X4FD        (L), eQSL only
4X74VF            via    K1FJ
4X/OM2IB          via    OM2IB        and LoTW
4Z74OC            via    4Z74OC       (eQSL only)
5B4AQC            via    DK6SP        (OQRS), (L)
5B4/G4WXJ         via    G4WXJ        (d), (B), (L)
5H3MB             via    IK2GZU       (B), (L), eQSL
5P1EG             via    SP1EG        (d), (B)
5P1KZX            via    OZ1KZX       (B), (L), eQSL
5P5K              via    DL7AOS       (d), (B), (L)
5R8AL             via    G3SWH        (d), (L)
5X7W              via    SM0HPL       (L)
5Z4PA             via    M0URX        (B - OQRS),
5Z4VJ             via    M0URX        (OQRS) (L)
6F6F              via    EA5GL        (B), (L)
7P8AT             via    ZS5APT       (B)
7P8ST             via    ZS5ANC       (B), (L), eQSL
7Q7CT             via    JA1NRH       (*),(L)
7X2TT             via    EA5GL        (B), (L), eQSL
8S0C              via    SM0MPV       (B), (L)
9A22Y             via    9A1TT
9A302AA           via    9A2AA        (B)
9G2DX             via    EA5GL        (B), (L), Eqsl
9G5XA             via    G3SWH,       (L)
9H6CAP            via    9H1CJ        (d)
9J2MYT            via    EA5GL        (B)
9M22DX            via    9M2CDX,      OQRS
9N1CA             via    EA5ZD        (d), (L)
9N7CI             via    SP6CIK       (B)
9N7WE             via    SP9FIH
9X2AW             via    M0OXO
A25VR             via    VE7VR        (d)B, (L)
A61Q              via    EA7FTR
A61QQ             via    A61BK        and LoTW
A91BFA            via    EC6DX
A91WARD           via    EC6DX        (d), (L)
AM5DMA            via    EA5PC        (B), (L), eQSL
AN5OKW            via    EA5WO        (d), (e), (L)
AP2MKS            via    EA5GL        (d), (L);
AP2NK             via    W3HNK        (d), (L)
AP2SD             via    EA5ZD        and LoTW
AP2TN             via    RW6HS        (d), (L)
AP2TN             via    DJ9ZB        (B)
C31CT             via    EA3QS        (L)
C4I               via    5B4AIE       (d)
C5B               via    F5RAV        (d), (L), eQSL
C5C               via    F5RAV        (d)
CF2T              via    VE2TZT       (LoTW only)
CG3T              via    VE3DZ        (B), (L)
CJ3A              via    VE3AT        (B)
CO2WL             via    HA3JB        (d)
CO8CY             via    KB4SX        (B), (L), eQSL
CP1XRM            via    EA5RM        (L)
CQ84AS            via    HB9CRV       (B), (L)
CQ9T              via    CT3KN        (B), (L)
CN66PA            via    CN8ZG        (direct)
CN66ZG            via    CN8ZG        (direct)
CN97LAH           via    EA7FTR
CR2B              via    EA1BP        (B), (L)
CS2C              via    OK1RF
CS5YOTA           via    CS5LX        (B), eQSL
CT9/PF5X          via    PF5X         (LoTW)
CV7R              via    CX2ABC
CX1UO             via    IK2DUW       (d)
CX2DK             via    EA5GL        (d), (L)
CX27U             via    IK2DUW       (d)
D2UY              via    UT6UY
D4Z               via    HB9DUR       (d/L);
IK2NCJ                                (B)
D44EO             via    SQ9D         and (L)
DA22LGS           via    DL7ACN       (B)
DA22WARD          via    (B),         DL2VFR (d)
DB50AFZ           via    (B),         DL2VFR (d)
DF0BT             via    DL7UE        (B), (L), (e)
DF0CW             via    DJ5QW        (B)
DF0MY             via    DJ1KMD
DF22LGS           via    DL3PH        (B)
DF40BGK                               (B)
DK0DFF            via    DL7AFS       (B)
DK0FWS            via    (B),         DH7AMF
DK0HN             via    (B),         DJ5QE (d), (C),
DK050BN           via    (B),         DK5PD (d), (L), (e)
DK65DEL           via    (B),         DB1BAC (d)
DK90TJU           via    DL3HXS       (OQRS), (B)
DL0GMA/P          via    DJ3AX        (B)
DL0HMB            via    DL9HCO       (B), (L), eQSL
DL0HO                                 (B)
DL0LK             via    DL1SO        (B), (L)
DL0MGD            via    DL9MGE       (B)
DL0OF                                 (B)
DL0WTF            via    DJ8VW
DL0YLN            via    DL1TM        (B), eQSL
DL1AXX/p          via    DL1AXX       (d), (B)
DL1640Y           via    DL3CQ        and eQSL
DL20SOTA/P        via    DL6GCA
DL22PEACE         via    DF8RJ        (B)
DL24EURO                              (B)
DL35EUDXF                             (L), (e), (C), (O)
DL60LINDAU        via    (B),         DL1CBQ (d)
DL70WOB                               (B)
DL73AFUG                              (B)
DL75DRG                               (B)
DL75HIL                               (B), (L), (e)
DL75HES           via    (B),         DL4CR (d)
DL75OBY           via    (B),         DF2NU (d), (L)
DL75RLP                               (B)
DL/SP1MVG/p       via    SP1MVG
DM2I/p            via    DL3KUD       (B)
DM5I              via    DF3VM        (B), (L)
DP6M/p            via    DK9IP        (B)
DM60CSJ           via    (B),         DL2VM (d), (e)
DP44N44T                              (B)
DP44WCA                               (B)
DP90TJU           via    (B           - OQRS), eQSL
DR125MB           via    (B),         DD3JN (d), (L)
DR50BAWA                              (B)
DU/W6QT           via    W6QT         (d/B), LoTW
DU1IST            via    JA1HGY       (B)
DU3LA             via    W3HNK        (d), (L)
DU7/PA0HIP        via    PA0HIP       (B)
DX0DX             via    M0OXO        (B - OQRS),(L)
DY0DX             via    DU1XX        (d), (L)
E51CJC            via    VK5CJC       (auch eQSL)
E7/Z35M           via    Z35M         (d), (L) and (e)
E730RS            via    E73E
EA6/DK5IR         via    DK5IR        (B), (L)
EA6/DK5ON         via    DK5ON        (d), (B), (L), (C)
EE5FG             via    EA5WI        (L), eQSL
EF5Y              via    EB5A         (L)
EF8R              via    EB7DX        und (L)
EG5YOGA           via    EA5URV
EG8CID            via    EA8URL,      (L)
EH1OLA            via    EA1UVR
EH28MRC           via    EA5K         and LoTW
EH3AD             via    EA3HZC       (L), eQSL
EH40URV           via    EA2URV
EH4WRD            via    EA4RCH
EI/UW8SM          via    UW8SM        (L), eQSL
EI100C            via    EI3KD        (B), (L)
EI90IRTS          via    EI6AL
EL2EF             via    N2OO,        (L)
EP2C              via    EA5GL        (d)
EP2HAM            via    M0OXO        (B-OQRS),(L)
EP5CZD            via    RW6HS        (d), eQSL
ES4/OH2NOS        via    OH2NOS
ES6RW             via    ES5RW        (L)
EV5A              via    EW2A         (B), (L)
EX2V              via    RW6HS        (d)
EX/R4FCN          via    R4FCN        (B)
EX/R5AF           via    R5AF         (B)
F/CT7ARW/P        via    EA4URE
FK/F5NHJ          via    F5FCN        (L)
FM5DN             via    KU9C,        (L)
FM/DF8AN          via    DF8AN        (d), (B)
FM/DL7VOG         via    DL7VOG
FM/HB9VIV         via    HB9VIV       (B)
FR5FC             via    EA7FTR
G2E               via    M0ORD        (L)
HA72MAV           via    HA5BSW       (nur L), (e)
HB0/PA3HK         via    PA3HK
HC1M              via    EC5R         (direct and LoTW)
HC5RF             via    HC5VF        (d)
HC8FG             via    HC2FG        (L), eQSL
HD8FG             via    HC2FG        (d), (B)
HD8MD             via    K8LJG        (B), (L)
HD8MM             via    K8LJG        (B), (L)
HF0BKS            via    SP3PDO       (B), (L), eQSL
HF20CP            via    SP9WZO
HF70RO            via    SP6PAZ       (LoTW only)
HF80AK            via    SP9CJM
HG200OT           via    HA8RD        (B), (L), eQSL
HI3A              via    EB7DX        (d), (L)
HI3K              via    EB7DX        (d), (L)
HI3Y              via    EB7DX        and LoTW
HK0/PY8WW         via    PY8WW        (d), (B)
HP2DFA            via    EC6DX        and (L)
HS0ZJF            via    ON4AFU
HS0ZOA            via    EB7DX        (d), eQSL
HZ1WARD           via    HZ1SAR       (direct)
J28MD             via    IK2VUC,      (d), (C), (L)
JD1BOW            via    H/c,         (L), (C)
IF9A              via    IT9ATF       (B), (L)
II1NS             via    IQ1GE        (B), eQSL
II1PA             via    (B),         (L), (C), (e)
II2MM             via    IQ2CF
II5RCH            via    IZ5RHU       (B)
II8K              via    IZ8EPX       (B)
II8RM             via    IQ8BB        (B)
IN3/DJ3TF         via    DJ3TF
IQ0SS             via    IS0DDL       (B), eQSL
IQ6KX             via    IW6ATQ       (eQSL only)
IQ9SZ             via    HE9ERA       (B), (L), eQSL
IR2SM             via    I2MYF
IR4DX             via    (e),         (L)
IS0/IQ5QO         via    IZ5GST       (direct)
J42L              via    SV2DCD       (d), (L)
J73ESL            via    EA5GL        (B), (L)
J79MN             via    DF8AN        (B), eQSL
JW/LB8CG          via    LB8CG        (OQRS) (L)
JY76CI            via    JY4CI        ( only)
K1A               via    KC5NX        (direct)
K2T               via    W2TMR        (d), (L), eQSL
KH6/W6EO          via    W6EO
KL7/WB2TQE        via    WB2TQE
KP2M              via    NZ4DX        (d) and (L)
KP3RE             via    EA5GL        and (L)
LA100B            via    LA1B         (LoTW)
LC5Z              via    M0OXO        (B - OQRS),(L)
LN2T              via    LA2T         (B), (L), eQSL
LT1E              via    EA7FTR       (d), (L), eQSL
LV1F              via    LU4FTA,      LoTW
LX6/DO5AL/P       via    DO5AL
LY32A             via    LY5A         (B)
LY100BBALL        via    LY2QT
LZ01MLN           via    LZ1PM        (B), (L)
LZ22DIG           via    LZ2VP        (B)
LZ330AL           via    LZ1KCP       (d/B), (C)
LZ303AT           via    LZ1KCP       (B), (L)
LZ444KA           via    LZ1KCP       (d), (B), (C)
M0SDV/p           via    M0SDV        (L), (C)
M0X               via    M0RTI        and LoTW
M4T               via    M0BEW        (eQSL only)
M6W               via    G0DEZ        (LoTW only)
MM3N              via    GM4SID       (d)
MM9I              via    GM0OPS       (L), (e)
MQ0CCE            via    MD0CCE       (d) (OQRS),
N0I               via    K0RWB        (d)
N0O               via    KK0U         (L)
N4A               via    K5KG         (d), (L)
NP2AR             via    EB7DX        (d)
OE8XDX            via    OE8HAQ       (B)
OE0MORSE          via    OE6VIE       (B-OQRS),
OG1A              via    OH1JP,       LoTW
OG2P              via    OH2PM
OG16M             via    OH8EJW,      LoTW
OG6O              via    OH6EZD
OH8SSAB           via    OH8DR        (B)
OH0EG             via    SP1EG        (B), (L)
OK4WFF/P          via    OK2APY
OL5GMA/P          via    OK3EQ
OL80SILVERA       via    OK1NVV       (L), eQSL
OL8R              via    OK1DRQ       (B), (L), eQSL
OP4K              via    ON4JZ        (B), (L), eQSL
OP5T              via    ON4DS        and LoTW
OP7V              via    ON7VA
OR100RCBE         via    ON4GDV
OZ4WWFF/P         via    OZ1GDI       (eQSL only)
PA/DL3JST/M       via    DL3JST
PA/SQ8NOD         via    SQ8NOD
PA70VRZA          via    PI4VRZ       (B), (e)
PC70RH            via    PF1SCT       and LoTW
PE44FF            via    PH0NO        (OQRS)
PF01MAX           via    PC2F,        LoTW
PI75LIM           via    PE1NCP       (B), (L)
PP200GOB          via    PT2OP        (d), (B)
PP5/DJ4CW         via    IK2ILH       and LoTW
PR200GOB          via    PT2OP        (d), (B)
PR2E              via    PY2AA        and LoTW
PS200GOB          via    PT2OP        (d), (B)
PT6B              via    PY6TS        (d), (L)
PV200GOB          via    PT2OP        (d), (B)
PW200GOB          via    PT2OP        (d), (B)
PX200GOB          via    PT2OP        (d), (B)
R1996VK           via    RQ7L         (B)
R1994YU           via    RQ7L
R2014NC           via    RQ7L
R60DME            via    RZ5D
RA30FO            via    RZ5D
RD0A              via    RW6HS        (d)
RY30FO            via    RZ5D
RI1PA             via    UA1QV        (d)
RI1PB             via    UA1QV        (d)
S01WS             via    EA2JG        (OQRS, direkt)
S9EFW             via    K0EFW        (d), (L)
SA6G/7            via    SM6CUK       (d),(B), (L),(C)
SB7S              via    SM7PXS       (nur LoTW)
SC0N              via    SM0NCS       (L)
SK5A              via    SM5GMZ       (L), eQSL
SN0R              via    SQ9IAU       (B), (L)
SN0ZOFIA          via    SP3PGR
SN35FISTS         via    SQ9S         (B), LoTW, eQSL
SN200IL           via    SP8ZKX       eQSL
SN35FISTS         via    (B),         (L), (e)
SN55CHBW          via    SP5ZIP
SO200IL           via    SP8KBZ
SP150JS           via    SP3POB       (B)
SP20SDW           via    SP3POB
SX30FO            via    SX30FO       (nur L, eQSL)
SQ200IL           via    SP3POB       (B)
SV8/DL7UZO        via    DL7UZO
T42ITU            via    M0OXO        (OQRS)
T47C              via    IK2DUW       (d)
T7/I4GHG          via    T77C         (d)
TC1919ATA         via    TA6P         and LoTW
TF1A              via    EB7DX        (d), (L)
TF3T              via    TF3MH,       LoTW
TG9ADM            via    EA5GL,       (L)
TG9AJR            via    M0URX        (B - OQRS), (L)
TG9AWS            via    K4IM         (d), (L)
TM084JNTO         via    F5MCC        (B)
TM0R              via    F5GGL        (d), (L)
TM22CAC           via    F1LPT
TM40AMRA          via    F8EFU        (B), (L)
TM400MO           via    F4DTO
TM17JM            via    F1OOG
TO2AS             via    DL2AAZ       (B)
TO9N              via    DF8AN        (B), eQSL
UN3M              via    M0OXO        (B-OQRS, (L)
UN9L              via    LZ1YE        (d), (L))
W2C               via    N2MC         (d)
VE2SPEED          via    VE2JCW       (d), (B), (L)
VE3CWM20          via    VE3BXG       or VE3CWM
V31AE             via    EB7DX        (d), (L)
V5/ZS2PS          via    ZS2PS        (B), (L), eQSL
VP5MA             via    I2HBW        (OQRS only)
W2/JR1AQN         via    JR1AQN,      LoTW
W2F               via    W2TMR        (d), (L), eQSL
V4/K2KA           via    K2KA         (d), (B), (L), (C)
VB3Q70            via    VA3CX        (d), (B)
VJ4T              via    VK4QH        (d), (L), eQSL
VK9NT             via    M0OXO        (B), (L)
VL2G              via    VK2GR        (nur LoTW)
VL4U              via    VK4KA        (d)
VP2V/N2IEN        via    EB7DX        (d), (L), eQSL
VP5MA             via    I2HBW        (OQRS only)
VP9IN             via    EC6DX
VU4W              via    YL2GM        (L)
W0M               via    W0MB         (L), eQSL
W1W               via    W4OVT        nur (L), & eQSL
W2/JR1AQN         via    JR1AQN       (B), (L), eQSL
XI0X              via    XE1KK        nur LoTW
XO2O              via    VY2OM        (B), (e)
XT2MAX            via    EA5GL        (B), (L)
XV9NPS            via    JA2ODB       (B)
YB0TOP            via    EB7DX        (d), (L)
YM3VBR            via    TA3ASX       (d), (L)
YU75ACR           via    YU1ACR
YQ6A              via    YO6BHN
Z21GC             via    K3IRV        (B)
Z21ML             via    N4GNR        (d), (L), eQSL
Z66BCC            via    DL2JRM       (B)
Z68QQ             via    DF8DX        (B), (L)
ZC4GR             via    EB7DX        (d), (L)
ZF2LC             via    W2SM         (L)
ZF2OO             via    WB2REM       (OQRS, (L)
ZS3Y              via    N4GNR        (d), (L)
ZT1T              via    ZS1AFS       (d), (L)
ZX4X              via    PY4HI        (d), (B)
ZX5J              via    NZ4DX        (B), LoTW
ZZ5K              via    PP5RT        (B)

(d) = direct   (B) = bureau ok  (L) = LoTW           (O) = OQRS
(C) = ClubLog  (e) = eQSL       (*) = new manager    (Q) = QRZ.COM

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